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The answer is right there in your kitchen For all things Olive Oil read on and for learning more on how to reduce our plastic footprint scroll 👇🏼down below !! This gorgeous weather is such a pep up at this time of the year but it can be a bit confusing to our skin...

Gravity Blankets – fad or fabulous ?

Gravity Blankets.. can they really improve our sleep ?Have any of you lovelies heard about "Gravity Blankets" ? they seem to be causing quite a stir in my conversations with clients and friends at the moment. Maybe its because we all fancy snuggling up more in the...

Is there a plastic monster living in my fridge ?

Does your fridge consume mounds of plastic on a weekly basis ? I was all lined up to chat about something else this week but as I was unpacking my weekly shop this thought sprung into my head ...... "is my fridge turning into a plastic loving monster ?" Well you may...

Love coffee but can’t hack the caffeine

a rainbow of latte's to tryJanuary is that month isn't it when we all have these high hopes of giving stuff up for the coming year and I don't know about you but I am not usually very good at making new habits stick, lets just say it takes a while and alot of glue to...

January News – Lets get together

lets get social cos its all about YOUTHERE WILL BE A GIVE AWAY SO KEEP READING LOVELIES 👇🏼 Hello there. I had started my monthly newsletter on a completely different theme last week but then the news broke from The Royal College of Paediatricians who basically said...

Hi there, I’m Sophie a certified health coach with a passion for natural beauty.

Welcome to Web of Goodness which is packed full of information and support to help you make great natural, health, wellness and skincare choices. As you navigate this site you will find information on my health coaching services, natural beauty products and services, workshops, events and my blog for an array of wellness know-how, recipes, lifestyle tips and more.

As women we are constantly adapting to change from juggling work and home life, the changes that happen within our bodies from having children, hormone and weight fluctuations, changing stress levels and altering sleep patterns. As we learn to adjust to these natural changes it can be hard finding the right help to achieve the lasting, vibrant health we all strive for. I most enjoy working with women who find they are at a crossroads or who would like help adjusting to their changing health needs and as a Primal Health Coach I can help.

I truly believe that our overall wellness is a delicate balance between what we eat, how we move, what we put on our bodies and how we nurture our soul and that all these elements are inter-connected. My one overriding passion is to help and connect with others in a supportive, caring and empathetic way so you can live your healthiest life possible.

What we offer here at Web of Goodness are building blocks to your optimal wellness and I hope this website will empower you to make great health choices everyday and for the rest of your life. With that in mind, take a look around, subscribe to my email list, request a free consultation and when you are ready to take your wellness to the next level I will be there to answer your call.

Be well, Sophie xo







“Your deodorant is hands down the best natural deodorant I’ve tried. The hand creams and moisturisers and oils feel really good on my skin and have been perfect heading into winter. The lip balm is gorgeous too.”

Sydney, Australia (20-30 yrs)

July 2018


“I am already addicted to the SOS balm (hand massages all round, its just amazing!) – our dry, wintery Jo’burgh hands, elbows, even my face is just loving this product. The gorgeous bespoke body cream has nourished my poor, post overnight flight skin and I smell divine.”

Johannesburg (40-50 yrs)

June 2018


“Investing in some time with you made it fun and I will now actually make some really beneficial changes so thank you very much. It takes a while to change habits but I think I’ve made a good start on your natural beauty workshop. What you are doing is excellent and I shall be recommending you.“

Suffolk (40-50 yrs)

April 2018


“I can always read your website & blog when we can’t catch up in person as it’s like talking to you, I hear your voice in all the pages.”

Nourish by Jane Clark

July 2018


“Love the body oil and my bespoke body cream is amazing I definitely want a big pot of that and the cleansing oil takes my make-up off so well.”

Newmarket (40-50 yrs)

April 2018


“The nourishing face oil has taken years off my face and is as good as any top end product I have brought in the past. The Goodness products I have been using are a total game changer for my skin.”

Norfolk (40-50 yrs)

February 2018


“The whole workshop made me feel pampered as well as enthused. I would certainly attend another and I thought the goodie bag was lovely & very thoughtful…”

Bury St. Edmunds (40-50 yrs)

April 2018


“I just wanted to say that I love the body cream & the lip conditioner so thank you very much. And we would love to do another natural beauty workshop & make some other goodies too.”

East Anglia (40-50 yrs)

May 2018


“Our 1-1 natural beauty and wellness session really inspired me to get back in the kitchen again and cook with excitement.”

Suffolk (70+ yrs)

May 2018


“The natural deodorant texture is great and it goes on evenly. I really noticed the difference when I changed over from my aerosol as this deodorant works so well and my skin feels much softer too.”

Thetford (10-20 yrs)

March 2018


“I’m obsessed with your creams! Just used the bespoke body moisturiser, rose face cream and your lip balm and feel smooth and smell delicious – can’t wait to try the detox face mask.”

Bristol (20-30 yrs)

May 2018


“I think your creams are just wonderful and I would like to have a back up of your rose face cream and the oil cleanser so I don’t run out!”

London (70+ yrs)

May 2018




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we respect your privacy
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