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I’m Sophie a certified primal health coach. I am on a mission to help as many women as I can to live in a balanced, healthy and happy mind and body despite your current health challenges. I believe in taking a “Pause and Reset with Kindness” approach to help you overcome that handful of health obstacles you just can’t seem to get past and are holding you back from feeling well, healthy and gorgeous. You are worth this,  you deserve to feel strong and vibrant despite any changes that might be going on around or within them. On this site you will find information about my health coaching as well as my small-batch handmade natural skincare products and my wellness journal where I talk about easy health tips, simple wholefood recipes which I love to make, natural skincare, lifestyle tips and more.

My passion is to help you break that cycle of poor health which you have felt trapped in for so long. Whether struggling with fatigue, post viral exhaustion, weight gain, migraines, skin, gut issues, lack of energy, poor sleep and rocketing stress levels my “coaching with kindness” can help you reach more balanced wellness. Focusing on the food you are eating, your daily movement, stress levels, sleep, connection to others and ME time, each of us needs to find the sweet spot where all these are in balance. My job is to support you as you learn the best lifestyle habits for you, holding you accountable in an empowering, safe space so you achieve the change you wish for.

If this is touching you as a woman who wants to press the “Pause and Reset” button on your wellness then this is your judgement free zone filled with natural, down to earth, supportive and kind mentoring to suit you. So take a look around, check out my Wellness Journal, go ahead and subscribe to be the first to hear what is going on in our community of gorgeous women, dive right in and book a discovery call to learn about my 1-1 coaching, purchase one of my Goodness By Sophie all natural skincare products or request a skincare consultation and know that when you are ready to take your wellness to the next level I am here to guide and support you. I can’t wait to get to know you.

Be well, Sophie xo


SOS Skin Balm

“I just wanted to say it has literally transformed my life, I get very severe Pompholyx on my hands and have for around 6/7 years now. Sometimes they have been so bad I have been in hospital with them. The sos balm is the first thing to ever help them (and I have tried anything and everything under the sun). Thankyou! I can finally wash my children’s hair again 🙂 I use the sos balm on my son (who is 11) as he has some eczema on his elbows and my daughter uses it on her hands. The smell is addictive too.” Jess

Nourishing Face Oil

“…I love your products and couldn’t imagine not using them. They are a complete joy to use and to have in my bathroom.” Michelle

SOS Skin Balm

“Oh my goodness Sophie! We have all fallen in love with your SOS skin balm. My son’s hands have improved so much in just a few days. We love it! The smell is amazing too. Thank you so much for your kind samples as well. A really wonderful delivery”. xx Sarah

Nourishing Face Oil & Total Body Oil

“I have just spent 10 days in the mountains where the air is very cold and very dry. This is usually a disaster for my skin which ends up reddened and parched. This time however, I used your beautiful Total Body and Nourishing Face Oils daily and I can’t believe how well my skin has tolerated the conditions. Not a hint of redness or dryness. I will never again venture away without these two fabulous products! Thanks Sophie” Anna

Nourishing Face Oil

“I am enjoying the oils, they are amazing and the smell of geranium is DIVINE. And JUST as good as other higher price point face oil – actually better as the oil isn’t as heavy so fine for daytime under makeup.” Katherine

SOS Skin Balm

“Having loved using a number of Sophie’s wonderful products for myself, when my teenager was complaining of eczema again on her face I refused her the prescription creams and tried the Goodness by Sophie SOS Skin Balm and to our delight it had pretty much gone by the next morning – I need a pot for every member of the family!” Mel


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