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I really think that stand up desks are the way forward. Not only does it mean you are not sedentary for hours on end, as, lets face it we none of us realise how many hours we spend sitting at our computers when we could be standing but it helps take the pressure off your back, keeps the muscles of our core, spine and legs active and it also encourages us to move around more while we are working, which can only be a good thing. I could go into the science but there is loads out there for you to read up on e.g. is a great place to start.

I highly recommend making this adjustment to your workspace and as you can see it doesn’t have to cost the earth as there is no need to go out and buy one. I just looked around the house and found this footstool and popped it on my desk. Imperfect it may look but it does the job, cost me nothing and it makes use of something that I had floating around the house anyway – a new lease of life !!



Let me know how you get on creating your own stand-up desk. Go on, you know you want too.