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…. yes thats right and those Jammy Dodgers too. So last week I really fell of the “Low Sugar” wagon. I got into the habit of taking a packet (..or two) of these naughties on the school run with me and offering the children one and Mum will finish the rest of the packet thank you very much. Oh dear, we have all been there right, well by Friday I got to thinking that I really must practice what I preach and so those packets that were luring me astray were dumped in the bin and I said hello to my gorgeous green smoothie again. I have to say I feel a whole load better, no afternoon sugar crash, no grumpy mum, no lethargic feeling, no blinding headache – I even found myself dancing round the kitchen cooking dinner last night, throwing some shapes (oh dear serious Mum Dancing) to an 11 year olds playlist !!

You see, no one is perfect, its noticing that “oh dear moment” and making a switch. Its never too late – go on make a good health switch today … I dare you … !!


P.S. Check out my Smoothie Post for some recipe inspiration, it really isn’t difficult.