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So many Health Professionals explain to us clients that we are all just like an “Onion”. I myself have heard this analogy explained to me in Biology and Physiology Classes, at the Osteopath during Acupuncture, in self help books and so on. And it has lead me to thinking about this question…..

Both Onions and us Humans have a core, layers and a skin that is true. In order to get to the very essence of ourselves first we have to address those pesky outer layers. Those first ones are superficial but as you get into the juicy layers underneath life takes on a whole new hue.

Our bodies are wonderful tools for helping us understand what is really going on even if our mind is heading off in another direction (don’t I know it, that head of mine… I do have to tell it to shut up sometimes).

Although those onion layers are there to protect and nurture the core, without those imperfect layer we would not be the person we are as they contain valuable information, feelings, struggles that have to be addressed in order to reveal our true selves, just the way nature intended.

You may be thinking, Oi Oi she has really gone off on one this time but I supposed what I am getting at is that when we feel discomfort or that something is off centre we can always listen to our bodies instead of going against ourselves. Working away at those layers that are not quite right until we reach our optimum.

So with that in mind, creating wellness in our lives, taking the best care of our bodies so that we can thrive is the word I want to spread to you all and to help every one of you to find your highest level of gorgeousness.


P.S. I may be a very small fish in the world of Wellness but that’s my take on things today. If you think I have struck a cord then I would love it if you followed my blog so I know there is someone out there who is reading and enjoying my drivel !!