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The UK Food Pyramid which has Cereals and Grains as the bulk of our diet is crazily out dated in my opinion (please don’t even google it!). I think the Australians are way ahead of us in their thinking about healthy eating and as some of you have been asking me, “how do you make the start towards a healthier approach to food”, I thought you might find this a good place to begin.

This pyramid was updated in Australian back in 2015 by Australia Nutrition. Interestingly enough this new pyramid was developed by them in response to the endless “fad diets” that had been flying about the media and it certainly makes a lot of sense to me.

The main differences to our old food pyramid are as follows:-

  • This food pyramid is separated into five sections rather than three. This helps to give a much clearer picture of what your diet should look like on the plate.
  • The new pyramid gives those gorgeous veggies precedence over breads and cereals.
  • Nutrient-dense whole grains have made an appearance. The likes of quinoa, couscous, soba noodles and oats to name a few.
  • That good for nothing margarine has been removed.
  • Added sugar does not appear on the pyramid !
  • Fruit and veg have different percentages. The pyramid is suggesting about three times more veg to whole fruit. Load up on those veggies first guys.
  • No junk food is mentioned.
  • Good fats are, yes you guest it, good ! Most old pyramids had margarine and reduced-fat spreads mentioned now the only fats on the pyramid are healthy ones e.g. butter, olive oil, nuts etc..
  • Don’t forget your herbs and spices. These lovelies are a highly nutrient-dense addition to a meal.

Obviously this is a generic food pyramid and it can’t take every individuals needs into consideration but it is a great place to start for those of you out there who want to begin eating a more healthy balanced plate of food. Personally I would hold back on the grains in favour of more veggies and good quality meats and fats but thats my own preference as I find that works best for my body.

I hope this helps and don’t delay, make those healthy food changes today. There is no time like the present and you will feel the benefits quicker than you can imagine – promise !