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Everyone knows that fizzy and diet fizzy drinks are a bit of a no no. I was going to write a post on the “devil inside your fizzy drinks” but you know what, I am guessing that you already know all about the evils that lurk within a can of Coke (those points are constantly being rammed home to us in the media) but were you also aware that even Vitamin Waters, while they sound and appear healthy, are actually loaded with sugar and contain up to 21.5 grams of the white stuff, those healthy labels are very misleading.

I know it is almost winter and your usual herbal tea or your favourite cuppa is beckoning you but there are only so many cups of tea one can drink in a day and sometimes water is really what your body needs except that pesky taste is just not tempting you. Well there is no excuse, you can so easily make your own vitamin/fruit water. I carry mine in my old milk bottle lovingly bought back from my holiday in Turkey a few years ago, what can I say I have a mild obsession with glass bottles, preferably used ones! Anyway you can use an assortment of fruits and herbs, and the beauty is that you can keep topping up with water and the fruits will keep infusing all day. Not to mention the fact that you are not drinking out of a plastic bottle “glass is best guys”. Obviously the usual health and safety applies here, you need to make sure you don’t fall over with it in your hand when you are skipping down the pavement feeling oh so virtuous !!

Just an added thought that you will be saving yourself a whole load of cash which, lets face it, can be well spent on a delicious cup of coffee instead – did I say that !!

P.S. some of my favourite combos are:-

Lemon and Rosemary, strawberry and basil, slivers of cucumber (I use a peeler and go the length of the cucumber for this) and lime, orange and mint, blueberry or blackberry and thyme, raspberry and ginger, any plain berries are good too.

Go on give it a go.