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incase you didn’t already know, it’s “National Kindness Week” ….

I have to admit that this blog was really born out of the concept of “Pay it Forward” I passionately believe in my bones that “paying it forward” is a code worth living by.  Showing a little kindnesses to those around you and even those who you don’t know is one of the wonderful things that sets us apart as humans. Call me bonkers but I am always so buoyed up by other people who do random acts of kindness for me – one such time was when I called out a new plumber to my flat as I had a problem with, you guessed it … the plumbing. Anyway rather than the usual ” I’m not free till a week next Friday” he said no problem he would pop over right away. This was music to my ears, particularly as he was around in no time at all. Anyway after tinkering away for 20 mins with the odd dash out to his van and back, he came to tell me that all was fixed and when I asked him how much his charge was (hand in heart waiting for, “well my minimum call out charge is … and parts on top…”) you know how the story goes, except hold up there a moment…. he turned around and with a beam on his face just said “no charge, it was my pleasure, just do something nice for someone else this week and ask them to pass it on”. Well I had to truly contain myself from giving him the biggest hug ever, what a man after my own heart.

That’s the thing about kindness it pops up in the most unexpected places and I defy anyone to say that they are not thrilled to see it when it does, so spread it around this week and do a little something for someone you don’t know, for no reason, just because well, why not. ?