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So, it’s true to say that I love my coffee. I know not everyone agrees but actually coffee has many health benefits. We tend to hear all the negative sound bites but actually coffee has lots going for it.

It is the biggest dietary source of polyphenols, their is evidence out their to show that drinking coffee has a protective effect on postmenopausal breast cancer risk, lowers the rate of age-related cognitive decline, lowers risk of type 2 diabetes, helps to reduce sub-clinical inflammation and increase your HDL cholesterol (that’s the one we want to see raised), lowers oxidative stress in women, lowers DNA damage and increases your capacity for DNA repair, improves executive functioning and working memory. I could go on…

But the bottom line is that we love drinking coffee as it improves our mood and mental energy and is a great way to get some of our antioxidants. Don’t get me wrong blueberries and goji berries are wonderful for you and delicious but at the end of the day nothing beats a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

What’s your favourite brew ?