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In the build up to christmas especially, not only does your excitement for the coming festive season increase but also those pesky stresses and worries too.

I had such a strangely wonderful coincidence yesterday that I felt compelled to write something about it. I received a call from a dear friend who was temporarily feeling a bit anxious about an upcoming meeting. She is so on her game and amazing at what she does that I wasn’t entirely sure I was best suited to dive into the ins and outs of her situation if I am being honest. So, as a friend I did what all friends do, I tried to lighten her mood by giving her a good talking to about how completely fabulous she is, and I reminded her that she had everything within her to achieve what she needed to do. As I said earlier, she is quite fabulous so there was no doubt there but she still wasn’t totally convinced, so I just suggested that she gave me all her worries and I would pop them in my pocket for safe keeping. Well that did the trick for her and then she hung off. Truth be known, I did also suggest to her that she dance around her hotel room prior to her meeting with the soundtrack of the Birdie Song on full volume and that arm actions were obligatory, not sure if that was what put a smile on her face !!.

Anyway later that evening I found myself in rather new territory in a “young business workshop”. Not being my usual setting, afterwards I was chatting to a friend about how nerve-racking I had found that especially as it had thrown up a whole host of worries in my mind. She just turned to me and said “don’t you worry about those worries, I will just pop them in my pocket, you leave me to deal with them”. Well, how spooky is that, they were almost the exact same words that I had said to my other friend earlier in the evening and do your know what, those worries I had had were instantly nuked, I just stood there with my mouth hanging open, the universe is a crazy beautiful place sometimes.

It really is true to say that a problem shared is a problem halved. Dear friends are always a safe place to set down your worries, so don’t let things build up as we launch ourselves into the festive season. I urge you to reach out to a trusted friend and pop your worries into their pocket for safe keeping. Your worries cause them no harm and it will truly lighten your load and do no end of good for your festive cheer too. Thats a promise !!

Have a gorgeous weekend.