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I just wanted to wish all you gorgeous peeps out there a wonderful christmastime. I have held back from posting pictures of my lunch and any meaningful wellness quote as I am sure you all feel fairly saturated with that stuff right now. Particularly as when I went to check my turkey (at 2pm… already running late) I found it was stone cold as someone has inadvertently turned my oven off – rather than a feeling of shock horror running through my veins, I just thought oh what the heck, what will be will be (the vodka cranberry cocktail that was slipping down far to easily may have taken the edge of things somewhat). Anyway, it just goes to show that no matter how much planning goes into something, life always intervenes, and there isn’t much one can do about that except laugh your head off. What with one thing and another we ended up having the best christmas lunch ever when it eventually happened at 3.30pm (or was it 5pm, I am not entirely sure). No matter what gorgeous foodie pictures are posted out there, when all is said and done its boils down to having wonderful people around you to squidge and laugh with so I hope you have all been surrounded by those you love today.

Merry Christmas and here’s to an exciting year ahead full of goodness, wellness and loads of fun along the way. xo

P.S. This pic made me laugh and pretty much sums up how I feel right now – far too much has been eaten, god it was good !!