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Jasmin Flower Tea – really stunning I thought, just couldn’t resist a photo !

Hello gorgeous peeps, grab a cuppa and give me two minutes of your time if you can spare it, if not come back to me when you have a free moment…

So here we are ladies, 2018 is in motion. The big question on all our lips is, whats the plan this year ? Well as we all know from the barage of images and information on social media, January is the detox month. God, I always find this rather a tough way to start the year with bossy subliminal chatter and endless images of perfection telling us what we should be aspiring to reach this year – it just isn’t real, so please please remember that. I find that all this serves to do is leave me with a horrid feeling of all the things I am doing wrong – if this resonates with you then please read on…

This got me to thinking about the direction I would like this blog to go in and how best I can provide all you lovely peeps with armfuls of encouragement, useful info that you can take or leave (hopefully take on board !!) and have loads of fun seeing the changes in your wellness so that you feel you are on the right track, health-wise. I really don’t want to be preachy so I leave it to you to keep me on the straight and narrow with that (keep those comments coming, bad and lots of GOOD please.. !!).

With that mindset up and running, what shall we head towards first ? I thought this month that I would do a post a week of my top 4 basic areas or good habits to try and aim for over the coming year. Small steps that can be achieved, I really am not kidding, you can do these as you will be choosing them yourself so you can set your goals at what ever height you want. I tried these four last year and they really have stuck as, once you start to see and feel the benefits they become your norm, thats a promise.

No scurrying back to 2017 now gals, lets all charge forward together. As they say, there is strength in numbers so with further a-do keep your eyes peeled for post number 1 next week.

I hope that by the end of January you will all be saying to yourselves “hello 2018, same faaaaabulous person, wellness tweaking in progress and I am feeling great” !!


I hope you will find some of these ideas a good starting point. If you fancy, then maybe pick one to focus on this week, only one mind, you don’t want to go overboard at this stage as there are 11 more lovely months to go.

Have a great weekend all you Gorgeous Goodness Gals (and Guys!) and see you back here next week for Part 1. xoxo

P.S. I am going for “Dance More”, whats your choice !!?