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My Good Habit no. 4 is simply to start building yourself a “POSSY”

This may seem like an obvious one but we all need a bit of support, particularly when we are trying to ditch the bad habits and start creating positive new ones.

Some of us may feel that the dark days and blustery weather is getting the better of us at this time of the year. Those few extra pounds we are still carrying around from Christmas just don’t seem to want to shift and our willpower is feeling rather thin on the ground, sound familiar ? Well let me reassure you, you are not alone in this. There is a whole mass of us out there who are feeling the same right about now. Rather than hiding away under a blanket in the dark with a packet of biscuits we need to congregate in the light and collectively give those negative thoughts and actions a royal boot up the backside.

Only yesterday I had one of those moments where that pesky voice of “no I can’t do this” started piping up !! Before the volume reached fever pitch in my mind I sent out a smoke signal to one of my gorgeous friends and very simply said that I needed her to call me back and “give me a damn good talking too about what utter twaddle was rushing through my mind” and she was on it in the blink of an eye. Boy did I feel better once she had talked some sense into me – equilibrium restored and I was back on track.

It is very British not to ask for help isn’t it and I have learned the hard way through my Health Coaching course and also in starting up my little business that we all need a “Possy”, a group of people that you can call on when that little voice of self doubt creeps in. You don’t need a whole team here, sometimes all it takes is one person who believes in you and is supportive no matter what, to keep you on your path.

So I urge you this weekend to have a think who your go to gals and guys are. You could even give them a heads up of what your goals are so they know just what to say when you reach out to them. You never know, they may even come calling on you at some point too for support. The perfect circle, wouldn’t that be fantastic.