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No, this is not a pizza ! I only say that because thats what a bunch of my hungry kids thought when this came out of the oven recently. Although, I readily admit that nothing can really beat a good slice of pizza, this frittata is very tasty too and went down well when I whipped this one together last weekend.

This is a super speedy dish and is a great way of getting loads of veggies into one meal. As I posted it on Instagram recently I thought for those of you lovelies who don’t follow that side of things, that I would wing it your way too.

Courgette & Carrot Frittata – Serves 5-6


2 Medium Courgettes – grated
3 Large Carrots – grated
7 Eggs
1 Chorizo – skinned and sliced thick
Salt and Pepper
Taleggio Cheese – in place of the Chorizo if you are vegetarian.

Chopped Parsley or Coriander to serve.


Pop your grated veg into a bowl with the eggs, salt and pepper and slowly whisk together.

Melt two large knobs of butter in an oven dish (one you are happy to serve the frittata in). Pour in your mixture and then lay your chorizo or taleggio cheese on the top. Pop it in a fairly hot oven, approx 200 degrees, for about 20-30 minutes. Keep an eye on it so that the chorizo doesn’t burn.

Serve with a hunk of bread and green salad.

If the weather holds for the weekend and you spend every moment outside enjoying the sunshine and forgetting to get a meal together, like I did last weekend, then this would be perfect to throw together in a hurry !

Note: This frittata is a great way of using up any veggies that are lurking about in your fridge which can be grated. It can be topped with other cheeses of your choice, pancetta, or a sprinkle of paprika and some fresh herbs. It is great for picnics too as once its cooled you can easily slice it up and wrap it in greaseproof paper ready to take in your cool box (when I eat it cold I love it with a pinch of celery salt on top).