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Music Festivals… do they bring out the inner hippie in you or do you feel like running for cover ?

Live music can truly be a transformative experience and feeds our souls on so many levels. Whether it be sitting on the steps of a roman amphitheatre listening to an opera in a foreign language on a balmy evening, joining in when you stumble across a dancing flotilla on street carnival day, immersing yourself in the sounds of a joyous choral recital in a cool and peaceful place of worship, stopping for a brief interlude on your busy commute to listening to a street busker or going to the concert of a much doted on singer or band, live music can really reach the very essence of us can’t it. We may be reduced to tears, covered in goose bumps or yelling along and grinning from ear to ear, and no matter what your own experience, live music surely unlocks so much joy and emotion in us all.

I came late to this party so to speak only going to my first festival at the ripe old age of 47 and all I can say is, its never too late and you are never too old to try something new. I loved it and am now a complete convert after being a bit of a scard’y cat if I am honest. I felt that I would have to look the part (hippy/cool/youthful/carefree) be an ace dancer, have the stamina of wonder woman and an outfit to die for, and with the added pressure of not shaming my kids too it felt like a tall order. How wrong I was… It’s actually one of those days where anything goes with your clothes, you can eat what you want and dance all day long if you fancy, no one gives a hoot if you look sweaty, dirty and bonkers as lets face it everyone around you is doing and looking exactly the same – what a relief… a day off from the perfection of social media stereotypes and having to look like you have got your s**t together – I love it.

Music festivals are not something to be feared as they really are for everyone these days with an amazing eclectic mix to hit the sweet spot of just about everyone. They are bursting to the brim with a fantastic variety of different music styles to dip in and out of as well as a large dose of the arts, crafts, delicious foods, fabulous people watching and a chance to really let your hair down. Even for those of us who don’t usually rate the quality of our dancing (thats me folks I am shockingly bad!) the fact that you are in a throng of thousands of others who are not taking the blind bit of notice of you, I find so liberating and the heart thumping music tends to being the “crazy dancing girl” out of me.

I must just throw it out there that all these positive vibes as well as the massive hormone surge we get from dance and uplifting music is hugely anti-ageing as well and it is said that all these goodies can actually extend our lives ! (more on that in an upcoming post).

Ultimately by listening to live music, we put ourselves in the midst of a joyful, shared experience, seeing the best in every moment and relishing the wave of communal joy that ripples through all those in the midst of it.

I highly recommend taking in a bit of live music this summertime as it is like an anti-ageing cream for the soul. So go on, slather your self in it, if for no other reason than to look glowing and vibrant.. and whats not to love about that. xo

P.S. For those of you who are feeling that the summer socialising whirl has been getting the better of you and are in need of a liver detox, go check out my Beetroot, Strawberry and Ginger Zinger which is in the Smoothies Section in my Recipes for a much needed pick-me-up.