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Did you Unplug this Summer?

The power of taking time off

I was unplugged but now I am back. Hello there gorgeous gals, yup I am still alive and am back at my keyboard, and it’s wonderful to be with you all again. I should have posted this before I went away for our summer hols but as I had high hopes of posting weekly to all you lovely peop’s whilst on the move, I wasn’t prepared for my new found reality which had other ideas.

Once I left the comfort of my own home, (you may have seen on my insta feed that we did a bit of travelling around Sri Lanka – what a stunning country I would so recommend it). With next to no wifi and never the correct travel adapter to hand despite the fact that I left home with a gargantuan washbag overflowing with universal plugs, portable chargers etc.. I seemed to loose possession of my now “sacred washbag” to just about every other family member but me … long story short my laptop went to sleep, the wifi would not oblige and so I decided to hit the shutdown key on my device and just go with the flow.

As I let my mind drift, absorbing everything that was actually going on around me, reading a bit, eating loads of new and exciting flavours, talking to people on my journey and just letting my mind browse life in all its forms, I found I was overflowing with ideas and am now super-charged for the year ahead. I really hope that all you gorgeous gals out there managed to do a bit of the same too.

The very idea of disconnecting from email, social media, blogging, in fact any kind of cavorting around online is a whole lot harder in thought than in practice and I can vouch for that. I know for myself that IF I had consciously decided at the beginning of the summer to switch everything off and chill out, the very idea would have pushed me into a state of mega stressed out, bordering on deranged crazy woman…  and that’s just the thought of it.

Why is that ? It’s really quite bonkers when you think about it… lets face it, the world is not going to stop turning, your business will not crumble into a thousand pieces, your friends will not hate you for it…. The reality is that actually everyone else is trying to do the same too and the more we all keep feeding the beast of email, twitter, facebook and instagram with little snippets of perfect glowing loveliness the more everyone else around us feels they have to too. I hold my hands up to this, although it was not done consciously I do get rather over excited with my travel snaps (usually food related) and can’t help but share a few on instagram.

Whilst I was pondering this, I stumbled across a post from @marieforleo god she is fab, in fact she is a flipping super woman, powerhouse, pocket rocket ! I loved her post where she pointed out that the summer holiday was actually heading into extinction. Even though we are all exhausted, stressed out, frazzled and overstretched by life we feel guilty about taking a much needed break. Did you know that a yearly holiday can reduce the risk of heart attacks in women by as much as 50% – yahay I am all over that stat now and will be quoting it around my family when we start thinking about what we should get up to next summer !!.

So rather than feeling guilty about switching off, if we want things to change we have to lead from the front and live by those changes too, hence my absence from my newsletter.

So I hope you understand the radio silence and I also hope you have had a wonderful summer full of gorgeous experiences, happy times and have well and truly supercharged your souls for the season ahead. There will be loads of changes to come from my end, with a new style of blog which I hope you will all like, as well as a few announcements of new beauty products I have finalised over the summer too. Please do pass my contact details (click here) around to those who you think will enjoy my chats and go all a glow over my natural beauty products (click here) which I feel so passionately about and adore making for all you lovelies.

I would love it if you would take the time to add a comment on my blog or email me at just saying what you would like to hear more about. For instance natural beauty, whole food recipes full of goodness and low in naughties, all things health and wellness, time saving tips and handy know-how, or anything else. Just ping me and I will add those ideas in. Thank you to all of you who read my posts I treasure you being with me. xo

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