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10 health benefits in just 10 minutes

its all in the bounce



Could it really be that something so simple as jumping on a mini trampoline for 10 minutes a day can bring us such a wealth of health benefit. I have read a lot recently about trampolining to improve our mental health and to keep us feeling perky. Well when I hear the words “perky and mental health” in the same sentence it gets my attention.

Who of us can remember that exhilarating feeling of leaping around with gay abandon on a trampoline as a kid, the wind in your hair, not a care in the world and a massive grin plastered on your face. It felt amazing didn’t it. I was recently tempted back on to the family trampoline to help the kids out with their gymnastic routines (basically as a second line of defense so they didn’t fly off !) but if I am honest my pelvic floors are not what they used to be having had three children and after much laughter and wobbling about my session come to an abrupt end as I dashed back in to the house and straight to the loo, rather embarrassing to admit but happens to the best of us, right !

As I researched more into the merits of “rebounding” or “trampolining” to the likes of you and I, I was staggered at how far reaching the benefits really are. So here’s my top 10 merits for giving bouncing a go. (scroll down if you want to skip the science bit !).

? Increase in bone density and prevention of osteoporosis – vital as us ladies get closer to the menopause where loss of bone density may become a problem. When you bounce your entire body shares the impact and this strengthens the bones and muscles without injuring your weight bearing joints. Why do you think NASA use this to train astronauts.

? Helps our body detoxify by stimulating the lymphatic system to remove toxins from our bodies. Our lymph fluid flows around our bodies when our lymphatic system is activated through movement, so the very action of jumping stimulates this. As we are surrounded by growing levels of pollutants and toxins in our environment never before has it been so important to remove these from our bodies. (Body Brushing is also a great way to stimulate our lymphatic system to help with this as well so keep an eye out for my upcoming post about that.)

? Enhances our immune system to help ward off infections. There are claims that 10 minutes of trampolining triples our white blood cells which remain elevated for up to an hour after bouncing. These white blood cells defend our bodies against illnesses. A strong immune system helps to ward off infections and disease.

? Improves digestive and gut health due to the up and down motion of our bodies while we are bouncing. This helps our bodies to process and absorb the nutrients we need to thrive. Moreover the bouncing helps the food to flow through our intestines thus helping to eliminate constipation and digestive cramping.

? Aligns and strengthens our posture.  Bouncing is brilliant for our balance and co-ordination. Being more balanced and co-ordinated can help us to regain our equilibrium during a fall and keep us more centred thus avoiding a more damaging accident. This can also lead to improved spinal alignment which may bring pain relief to joints, muscles etc.. which usually cause us discomfort.

? Increases our lung capacity and therefore increases our oxygen intake which improves our over all health and energy levels. A highly oxygenated body sends a message to germs and other unwanted cells that they will not be able to thrive with all the oxygen wizzing about our bloodstreams.

? Helps to build strength in a very low impact way so is kinder to our joints and bones.

? It improves our mental capacity and therefore improves our mental health. No more to be said on that score, this one is a win win in my book !????

? Jumping strengthens our pelvic floors which are vital for bladder control and core stability. These areas become weakened by pregnancy, changes in hormone levels, lack of exercise and fluctuating weight so it is important to keep these muscles toned ladies. 

? It is a fantastic de-stressor. Bouncing helps us to release endorphins which calm us and make us feel happy, not to mention clearing our head from brain fog and letting go of any tensions we may be holding in different parts of our body.

By bouncing on the trampoline you are in fact awakening every cell and muscle in your body resulting in improved strength and vitality for the whole YOU.

What I love about this form of exercise is that it is for everyone no matter what your shape, size, energy levels or ability. A gentle bounce (I am not talking olympic standard here guys), just a light bounce to your favourite track for 10 minutes can give you all these benefits and to top it all it can be done in the comfort of your own home, with minimal equipment so no excuses ladies, its super easy.

I use my mini trampoline to have a 10 minute break between phone calls or when I am studying. It re-energises me super quickly not to mention the fact that it puts a huge grin on my face. No special kit is required I jump on mine in my pj’s, in my work cloths, joggers really anything goes !! (thats me having a go↙️)

If you are worried about the expense, I would recommend borrowing from a friend first to see if it is for you. I brought a secondhand mini trampoline but some can be pricey so shop around and do a bit of research. When mine arrived it did take a GCSE in flatpack assembly to get it together but now it is sitting very happily in my kitchen and it gets loads of use despite the odd comment like “what the heck is a flipping trampoline doing in the middle of the kitchen” from an adult who will remain nameless (my husband..) – lets just say that EVERYONE has had a bounce and come back for more !!


  • Firstly I must add in the disclaimer that you should check with your Doctor first if you are unsure whether this form of exercise is safe and suitable for you.
  • If your pelvic floor control is not great when you cough, sneeze or laugh when you start jumping on your trampoline, then start slowly for a minute or two a day and build up from there. Another tool to help you build up your muscle memory and strengthen your core is to bounce slowly holding a small soft ball in between your knees to focus directly on the thighs and pelvic muscles. Personally I find it a bit hard to concentrate on that so I try and imagine sucking my tummy in towards the back of my spine and then upwards as I bounce, focusing on pulling up my pelvic area and try and hold that posture throughout.

When all is said and done I defy anyone to get on a trampoline and have a little bounce with out a huge grin creeping over your face and feeling alive and energised. Its loads of fun and when we are enjoying ourselves we are far more likely to go back for more.

P.S. If you would like some music inspiration of what to bounce too then these our some of my favourites right now.. 

“My trampolining playlist”

  1. Maniac by Michael Sembello
  2. I love to boogie by TK Rex
  3. Feel it still by Portugal 
  4. Peanut butter jelly by Galatis ?
  5. Starlight by The superman lovers
  6. Mr Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan
  7. Faith by Stevie Wonder & Ariana Grande
  8. Sugar by Robin Schaltz
  9. Alive by empire of the sun
  10. Cake by the ocean by DNCE
  11. Don’t you know by The Kungs
  12. Blame it on the boogie by The Jacksons
  13. Wake me up before you go-go by Wham
  14. It’s a kind of magic by Queen
  15. The boy does nothing by Alesha Dixon 

And lastly…

You are a superstar if you have read this far so thank you so much for reading to the end and I hope you feel inspired enough to give the bouncing a go, I have really loved it this month and will not be stopping. Next week I will be sending out my monthly newsletter so do add a comment below if there are any topics you would be interested in knowing more about this month and in the future so we can all learn to nurture better health, wellness and live a life packed with vitality and FUN together ?.

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