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Lets rebalance

10 daily habits to rebalance you

HAPPY NEW YEAR ladies and welcome to 2019 !

How is everyone feeling after your celebrations ? I hope you had a great few weeks packed full of fun times with your family and friends.

Hello January and welcome to a new year. I don’t know about you but I am struggling to get back into the swing of things what with far too much routine disruption from being mum taxi, not to mention a shed load of cooking, piles of washing, late nights and generally having every part of my routine turned on its head.. Sounds familiar ? Well guys, rather than stepping right into “this is what we should all be aspiring to this year” or “lets hit the ground running with a full on health kick” I thought I would break myself, and you guys if you are willing, back in to things gently this month by trying to focus on the basics. I hope that by keeping things really simple we may all be able to take on board most of these little habits and practice them every day.

Now that we are all charging back into the routine of work, school runs and the usual daily grind after the christmas festivities – yup we did just have christmas… crazy isn’t it, it feels like it was weeks ago, these are my “daily 10” to focus on through January and beyond for optimum health and balance.


10 servings of veg

9 minutes meditation

8 hours of sleep

7 glasses of water 

6 thousand steps

5 mini movements

4 chores

3 meals

2 hours of low light before bed

1 session of exercise


For those of you who are screaming ‘shock horror’ back at your screen right now, let me clarify as this is all do-able ladies and thats a promise..

10 servings of veg – really loading up on veggies is the single best thing you can do to help your body detox, boost your vitamin levels to help fight off all the bugs going round at the moment and to help you get back on track with more healthy eating. If in doubt about some of the naughties that have crept on to your plate of late then keep in mind “if in doubt crowd it out” with veggies that is. More veggies on your plate leaves less space for the naughty stuff. I aim for 10 servings of veg a day and then a few servings of fruit particularly berries full of antioxidants, on top of that. Check out some of my veggie recipes here and here !

9 minutes meditation – this is such a great habit (and one I struggle with) and I have written about it loads of times before. A daily meditation practice is great for you on so many levels as it helps to reduced stress which in itself helps with too little sleep, poor eating patterns and more.  Creating a daily habit of a few minutes of total quiet in your day which is just for you actually becomes a tool you can call on in times of heightened anxiety when meditation can help to calm you down more quickly thus reducing those cortisol “fight or flight” spikes which are not great for our overall health.

8 hours of sleep – getting back into a good sleep routine is vital as it helps with mood, energy levels, not to mention stopping those afternoon sugar slumps that appear when we are over tired and desperate to hit the biscuit tin. Great sleep helps us to get back into a better “move, eat, sleep” routine which is the best way to rebalance us.

7 glasses of water – this can including herbal teas. By starting the day with warm water with a bit of lemon and ginger as well as sipping on warm water throughout the day is something I learned from Ayuvedic Medicine as that is always sited as the best first steps to a healthier digestive system.

6 thousand steps a day – Aim for this number as some days, particularly when we are working at a desk or in the car alot 10,000 steps can be a big ask, 6,000 is more achievable. Its best to have hit your goal than constantly feel you have fallen short (tooo depressing).

5 x 5 minute shake it all about. This is a huge help particularly if you find that you can be sitting in front of your laptop for hours at a time without taking a break. Making sure you have regular movement breaks to stretch, do some tummy exercises or bouncing on a mini trampoline (check out the post I did on rebounding recently) if you have one is great to perk you up, clear your mind and get you focussing again as well as stretch out your muscles too.

4 chores to achieve daily – any more off the to-do-list is a bonus, don’t set yourself a mountain to climb here ladies its only January, remember to be kind to yourself, I know you are superwoman but there is only so much that even she can do in a day.

3 meals and no more than 3 snacks (this includes puds) – eating regularly will stop those afternoon energy slumps or that mad desire to eat all the leftover christmas treats which are still lying about. BTW you can freeze that left over chocolate to stop you getting tempted every time you open the fridge door !

2 hours of no blue light before bedtime. Preferrably turning off screens in good time or using a night time colour warmer on your devices like F.lux. It is also worth go round the house and turn off as many lights as you can and dim the lights in the rooms you are most using the nearer you get to bed time.

1 session of exercise preferably outside and this doesn’t mean going to the gym every day but make sure you do something active like a fast dog walk, a few rounds of 7 minute mini workout youtube videos (I like Laura London’s beginners 15 minute trampoline routine) and don’t forget to do your tummy exercises too !!

Thats it gals so print this off if it helps and stick it to your fridge and I hope this gets you up and motivated to charge into this fresh new year. 💕 Sophie

if cauliflower can be pizza you can be anything


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