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Gravity Blankets - fad or fabulous ?

Gravity Blankets..

can they really improve our sleep ?

Have any of you lovelies heard about “Gravity Blankets” ? they seem to be causing quite a stir in my conversations with clients and friends at the moment. Maybe its because we all fancy snuggling up more in the winter, it’s way too tempting to stay cosy in bed early in the morning isn’t it. So the thing is, Gravity Blankets are not cheep that’s for sure, so are they worth the expense ? Well, here is a bit of info to help you decide whether they are worth investing in. 

We all have strong feelings about our sleeping habits don’t we, and the quality of our sleep can have a huge effect on our day to day lives as well. Whether it be finding it difficult getting off to sleep, youngsters unable to settle at night, those suffering from depression, SAD and or anxiety, sufferers of restless leg syndrome, OCD, PTSD, aggression and more, the concept of using a weighted blanket may be a helpful tool to consider on your quest for a restful nights sleep.

Well, to cut things down to the basics here, the use of weight on us stimulates deep pressure touch on our bodies, similar to the feelings we experience when we have a massage. This encourage our parasympathetic nervous system to release more serotonin which later converts into melatonin and this can help to reduce our cortisol levels as well. All these chemical reactions help our bodies to fall into a restful nights sleep.  If you think about it it is not dissimilar to swaddling a baby as that action creates a hugging sensation which has a calming effect on our little ones.

I have to admit I was fairly sceptical at first I mean how could a cuddle up with a blanket help you to get to sleep… it does sound bonkers doesn’t it but having used one for months now, lets just say that I am a total convert and wouldn’t give mine up for anyone, not even one of my children … (tough love kids!). There is lots of research out there to read up on if this has triggered an interest in you buying one, you could read more here or here to get you started.

Most companies who produce these blanket will give you guidance as to which blanket would suit you but generally the best weight to go for is approx. 10% of your total body weight. There are usually options for different bed sizes, I use a 15lb blanket which is queen size and I like the fact that it totally covers me (I am not sure it is something to share with a loved one so I would get the size that best suits you). FYI I put mine on top of a top sheet but underneath the duvet. You can get some which have a duvet cover that is washable, they also come in different materials too but cotton is a great option as it adapts to the changing seasons. Do make sure that the blanket you buy is filled with glass beads as they give the most evenly spread weight and are the very best option to keep you cool as well (not that that is something we are thinking about here in the UK at the moment sadly?, but summer is on its way and thats a promise).

I am sure they are NOT suitable for smaller children but one of my teenage kids has one and she loves it. It has really reduced her insomnia by a noticeable amount and as it is not doing her any harm, does not involve medication or have any harmful side affects we have been pretty pleased with the outcome for her but thats not to say it is the solution for everyone (disclaimer here guys !) and as they are not cheep you may want to think twice about shelling out for a super fancy one until you are absolutely sure. I brought a basic one which did come on a slow boat from china and took several weeks to get here but I am more than happy with it and have not upgraded to a more lux one as yet.

So there you have it, my experiences of weighted blankets for you which I hope you have found useful. Do let me know if any of you buy one and how it may have helped as I would love to hear. Have a gorgeous weekend lovelies.?

P.S. As ever, if you have any concerns whether it is safe for you or your family discuss it with your doctor first.

A bit of inspiration

I don’t know about you but through January I felt like I was in low power mode, anyone else feel the same ? So nows the time to get our sh*t together and get on with things. Say hello to February everyone and may it be a great month ahead for us all.


  1. Sophie I just bought one for myself with birthday money ahead of this year and I can’t turn back! It’s so calming and comforting- love it! We have Neptune blankets here in Aus but think they must be similar to gravity blankets. Lots of love to you all x

  2. Great article thanks Sophie. We are converts to the gravity blanket! My son has slept under a chain weighted blanket for years but it was indeed cold through the winter and regularly ended up in a ball at the Botton of the doona cover,. We have swapped him to a glass bead blanket that ties into the cover at 8 anchor points. He loves it for the security it affords him and the snuggly plush cover for winter which can be swapped to a soft cool cotton cover for summer. Two of my other children also have them and I have found it a great way to deal with sleep anxiety without use of medication: now that can only be a good thing!

  3. thats so so great to hear – thanks for your comment lovely ?

  4. Neptune are fabulous quality, can’t wait till they sell them over here. Sweet dreams ?

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