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For all things Olive Oil read on and for learning more on how to reduce our plastic footprint scroll ??down below !!

This gorgeous weather is such a pep up at this time of the year but it can be a bit confusing to our skin can’t it. One minute we are being blown to bits outside in this cold and the next minute our skin feels like a radiator as we step back into our warm toasty homes or as the temperature heads into double digits. When our skin is screaming out for a bit of help particularly in this changeable weather, when you react badly to a beauty product or food you have eaten it’s hard to find just the right thing to nourish your skin back to its usual glowing health isn’t it.

I believe that keeping things simple is all our skin really needs and that natural oils are the kindest ingredient and they are my No.1  go-to treatment every time. As they are most similar to the natural oils of our own skin they are easily absorbed and add back in all the natural goodies we may be lacking at this time of the year. If you are taking some convincing and would like to try something that you already have at home before making yet another beauty purchase then you may be surprised to learn that a lot of oils that we have in our kitchens can do wonders for your skin and they don’t have to cost you a penny.

Spare a thought for the humble Olive Oil, this popular kitchen staple has been used on the body since ancient times when it was first extracted and processed. Olive Oil is naturally hypoallergenic, packed with strong anti-ageing antioxidants including a high proportion of Vitamin E and K which help to repair and renew the skin. It also contains flavonoids, carotenoids and hydrating squalene which is a very similar fat composition to our own skins sebum and thats why our skin finds it easy to absorb. It is particularly good for dry skin but is actually good to use in moderation if you have oily skin as well to balance excess sebum production.

A few points to know:-

  • Olive oil helps fade acne scars and brightens skin.
  • Repairs and helps the skin to regenerate making it ideal for anti-ageing.
  • It helps exfoliate and de-clog skin pores.
  • Olive Oil penetrates deep into the skin for thorough cleansing and nourishing.

So thats it in a nutshell and below I have put some easy recipes to try at home, its really that simple ! 




“How to say goodbye to plastic”

the follow up

After my recent post about the mounds of plastic we have in our fridge, I had such a response, thank you, and it seems we all feel the same, in that we don’t really know what to do to make a difference. Don’t get me wrong using a reuseable coffee cup or water bottle is a fantastic start but most of use feel we need to do more.

So I delved or rather fell into my recycle bin outside in the interest of research you understand, and got to working out where the bulk of the rubbish was originating from and truth be told it is definitely from my supermarket shop each week there is just no escaping that reality in my home anyway – what about you ?

After much trawling online I found two options which I am trialing at the moment and I thought I would pass on the info encase any of you lovelies are interested is making the switch too !

Firstly I brought some super light cotton draw string bags which you can pop your weighed fresh produce directly in at the supermarket, they can then go straight in the fridge when you get home and are machine washable (easy peasy and no unpacking needed). Whats clever about these is that they have a tag on the outside which says the weight of each sized bag so you can reset the scale or get that weight taken off the total price if the items are being weighed at checkout and they are a bit holey so allowing the food to breathe, no sweaty veggies around here. I have also scowered the house for all those cotton reuseable bags we get given as freebies and am using them for storing potatoes, onions etc as they are cotton, breathable and washable they are doing a great job too (no extra purchasing needed here as we have loads lying about the house don’t we).

The next big offender in my fridge is clingfilm so I looked into how I can cut that down too. There are lots of new ideas out there and this one caught my attention it is cotton impregnated with beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil which, when you warm it in your hands, becomes pliable and you can use it to shape round food or to put over the top of food bowls and after a rinse in soapy, cold water and air drying they are good to go again. I find that an old plate on top of casserole dishes and bowls in the fridge makes a good lid too and you can put dry produce on top of that as well so you utilise all the space available. See below the one I brought but this brand  but this looked great too.

So, there you have it, my research so far ! Let me know how you get on if you give these ideas a go. And if you have any handy hints that you always use then do share them with us so we can also do our bit to say a big fat NO to the plastic monster in our fridges !

Have a gorgeous weekend lovelies. ♥️


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Natural Beauty Recipes with Olive Oil

Here are a few ways to use Olive Oil for Natural Beauty:-

  • To make your own natural exfoliator mix 1/2 to 1 tsp of fine sea salt or 2 tsps baking soda (if your skin can tolerate it) with 1 tsp olive oil for a simple face exfoliator.
  • For a body scrub, mix some olive oil with sugar and you could even add in a few essential oils too. The beauty of this body scrub is that there will be no need to moisturise after your shower as the olive oil will have sunk in to your skin already. The down side is that your shower may need a rinse to make sure there is no slippery oil lurking around for you to slip on.
  • Some say you can shave with olive oil, but I haven’t tried it !
  • It is great to run through the end of dry hair or directly rubbed into elbows, feet and brittle nails – I often rub some into my hands after I have finished the washing up.
  • For skin nourishment on the face, warm 1/2 a teaspoon of the oil up in the palm of your hand and then directly pat onto the face, so simple, easy and effective – this is my go to when I have an allergic reaction to a beauty product on my face.


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