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Many of you know that I have been formulating gorgeous all natural and small batch skincare products for a while now. Well, I have exciting news to pass on that my first three natural oils have passed their Laboratory Testing and are now available for purchase online here.

Our Facial Cleansing Oil, Nourishing Face Oil and Total Body Oil contain 100% natural oils, full of nourishing goodness for your skin which smell divine too. I feel passionately that natural skincare should be affordable to many of us without loosing the luxury and pleasure we get from feeling and using products which are natural and so good for our skin.



What’s our Beauty Ethos?


  • Full ingredients list in plain english on every product.
  • We use 100% natural oils that our skin loves.
  • No hidden synthetic or artificial ingredients.
  • Hand blended in small batches for optimum freshness.
  • Every ingredient selected especially to love your skin.
  • No fillers or nasties included.
  • Recyclable glass and alluminium containers, please re-use after your Goodness goodie runs out.


I created these formula’s to have dual roles so that we can cut down on the amount of products we are using daily to prevent our skins from getting product overload and to make things simple when we are travelling. For example our Nourishing Face Oil can be used on its own or with a cream for added nourishment, the Facial Cleansing Oil can be used to remove makeup, cleanse our skin and when blended with natural exfoliating granules it works to remove dead skin and leave our skin feeling silky soft.


For those of you who are interested in learning more about these and other products which I hand make for clients then why not book yourself a 1-1 natural beauty consultation with me to learn how to detox your own skincare and get to know my other products too. I believe it is always best to “try before you buy” if possible, to enjoy the smell and feel of a product and experience how it sits on your skin.


Do go to the Consultation Page here to book you slot and if you would like to learn how the consultation works then head over to this page to read more about it.


I look forward to meeting lots of you lovelies over the coming months and as ever thanks so much for your support and for reading, I love that we are all on this journey of goodness together.



Fancy giving up something other than chocolate for lent ?

Let’s use Lent for something really achievable this year gals and without even having to give up chocolate/alcohol. I know I have been banging on a lot about plastic recently but before we know it, the natural world that we hand over to our children will be drowning in the stuff if we don’t start making some changes right now.

After my recent post, I have tried to cut out plastic totally but to be frank that didn’t go down too well, its just too damn hard to say no to as it is everywhere, from food wrapping to shampoo bottles and toothpaste tubes. So instead I thought, let’s take it in bite size pieces and focus on the small wins we can achieve every day. So every time I DO NOT use plastic its a “way hay” in my eyes. I have gone “Less Plastic For Lent”. I know I am a bit late to the party as Lent started on Tuesday but do any of you guys fancy joining me on this one ?. I am going to put a pebble in a jar for every time I don’t use plastic from here on to Easter  and then pig out on chocolate on Easter Day (only kidding !!) and then give my gang a treat for our efforts. Any one fancy joining in, it would be fab if we had a whole gaggle of us getting on the band wagon, sharing ideas and cheering each other on … if so leave a comment to let me know how you are doing.

Just a little reminder that THE WORST OFFENDERS are:-
1. Single used water bottles – so, keep a refillable one in your bag (I put one in the car too).
2. Cling film. You only use it for one go and a plate on top of a bowl would do the job just as well. By the way, baking paper and tissue paper all have plastic coatings on them too ?.
3. Coffee/tea cups have a lining that is not recycleable. Take your reusable one with you (I always have a spare one knocking about in the boot of my car so if I am out and fancy a cuppa I can say no to the single use one on offer).
4. Supermarket food bags and packaging – still not much has changed, it’s hard to be plastic free with your shopping. But, if you just aim for cutting down on plastic on any loose fruit and veg you weight and drop directly into your shopping bag is a big fat win in my eyes.. Remember: Plastic shopping/produce bags take hundreds of years to break down to micro plastic which still go on to pollute our sea and our fishes which then end up in our tummies.

 Please do join me in being “Less Plastic For Lent” and let me know how you get on. xo



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  1. Hi Sophie, congratulations on your products passing the lab testing! I can imagine that was not an easy process. I have placed my first order and cannot wait to receive my goodies. It’s fantastic to be able to trust that a product will not have any nasties. Anna

  2. thanks so much for your order, your gift is on its way along with a little extra goodie and a note from you ?

  3. Hello! Thanks for sharing this amazing natural care tips. Keep sharing such amazing and helpful articles with us.

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  5. many thanks for your feedback.

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