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Thank you to all of you gorgeous ones who came to Tarkas Pop Up Retail Evening last week, we had a ball and it was lovely to meet so many of you and chat about your skincare.

One of the questions I was most frequently asked was “how do I make the change over to natural skin care ?”. 

Well, its actually alot easier then the thought of it. To make things simple just focus on changing the products you use most frequently for example your daily cleanser and skin nourisher. Don’t wait until your current product runs out as that is a bit like saying “I will start eating healthy when I have eaten everything in the fridge and store cupboard”, yup we all do it don’t we.. !! so, seize the moment and make a start right now would be my advice. You will see the benefits for yourself and if you are skeptical then put your old products in a draw, order some new all natural goodies and if you are not feeling satisfied after two weeks or so then head back to your old favourites but I’m pretty sure you will be convinced when you see and feel the results for yourself.

Our Goodness products have been created for women and girls to be gentle, simple and yet effective for our skin plus I created these formula’s to have dual roles cutting down on the amount of products we are using daily so preventing our skins from getting product overload as well as keeping things simple when we are travelling (less bottles to pack !). For example our Nourishing Face Oil can be used on its own or with a spf/face cream for added nourishment. The Facial Cleansing Oil (and Microfibre Cloth) can be used to remove makeup, cleanse our skin and when used with natural exfoliating granules works brillinatly to remove dead skin and leave our skin feeling silky soft without the use of any microbeads, so being kinder to the environment. Our body oil when used with some natural sea salt or cane sugar makes a wonderful body or foot scrub too. These are just a few examples of how versitile natural skincare can be.

If you would like to find out a bit more about how you can help your skin to detox naturally, go check out my recent post all about Lymphatic Drainage or if a bit more guidance about natural skincare is what you are after, then a washbag detox and natural beauty consultation might be for you, in which case go check out my “Consultations” page to learn more about how I can help you here

Before I sign off, for those of you who missed us this time around at Tarkas Pop Up, as it was so popular we are doing several more later in the year and I will keep you up to date with events through this newsletter and on social media too so do go follow me at any of these handles, Instagram – webofgoodness  Facebook – Webofgoodness, to be the first to hear !

Have a gorgeous weekend lovelies. xo ? 






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