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facial oil cleansing

Do they really work ?

Hello Lovelies,

Do any of you use natural oils for skincare, particularly when cleansing your face ? Somehow the idea of using oil to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin sounds a bit bonkers doesn’t it but actually it really does work. Using harsh soaps or detergent based cleansers strip everything away from your skin including your own natural oils leading to your skins oil production going into overdrive as it tries to rebalance itself. This vicious circle can lead to an unending cycle of excessive oil production on the one hand or very dry and inflamed skin on the other, so this is where the Facial Cleansing Oil comes in.

Now for the science bit … who remembers learning in chemistry about the concept that “like dissolves like”, well the best way to dissolve sebum/oil in our skin is to use a solvent of similar composition i.e. another oil. So by using a natural oil which you lightly massage into you skin dissolving the dirt/makeup/impurities that are trapped in our pores, works wonders and is so simple to do. And as your skin will not have been stripped of all its goodness it will require less nourishment afterwards. All these benefits help to keep your skin balanced and fed to its optimum with the minimum of skincare products, a lot less fuss and a significant saving to the cosmetic piggy bank too and lets face it we all enjoy a little saving here and there don’t we.

Your skin may take a small amount of time to adjust but I have found with myself and my family that this method of cleansing has been really effective for oily/blemished skin, dry skin, sensitive skin and for older skin types too. Even teenagers who are acne prone and very sensitive about the idea of using oil on their already oily skin, have been converted. Particulary as having acne can lead to product over load and an excessive amount of stimulation to the skin, lets face it we will try every product going, exfoliate like crazy and generally try and strip the acne away any way we can (I have been there many a time!). The reality is that the more we strip back the skin the more it will fight back by producing oil and so the cycle goes around again.

If you take it one step further and use a facial cleansing oil with a microfibre cloth I find this is a really simple and effective way of removing makeup and cleansing at the same time with minimum products and disturbance to the skin and using a microfibre cloth brings a whole host of other benefits too but I covered that in an old post which you can find here !.

How to use a Facial Cleansing Oil:-

First pour a very small puddle of your chosen oil into the palm of your hand. Massage this into your face concentrating on the eyes or where ever you have the most make-up, you want to aim to have panda eyes at this point ladies if you are wearing mascara etc. The more dirt and makeup you loosen with the oil the easier it will be to wipe everything away. Then wet your microfibre cloth or flannel with warm water and press to the face and slowly wipe the dirt and makeup away, rinse your cloth out in warm water and reapply if you feel you need to. It really is that simple and please take note that this cleansing method does not require any rubbing at all as a microfibre cloth is already a mild abrasive (as I said before, go check out an old post I wrote all about them here if you want to learn more) and so a gentle wipe will be enough. When your face feels clean just rinse your cloth out with hot water and or a little soap or shower gel from time to time and hang out to dry. You can then use your usual eye and or face cream or more face oil if your skin feels tight but you may be surprised to find that you need less of your usual products.

There are many different types out there which are not only expensive but may be full of nasties so do check the ingredients carefully to make sure they are 100% natural oil based. I find the best oil to start with is jojoba oil as it is most similar to our skin’s sebum but you could actually use almond oil too, it is just a matter of experimenting with what works best for your skin type. I always use a microfibre cloth as I find it is far more effective using the two together, the cloths last for a very long time, they are easy to throw in the wash (but don’t use softener) and they dry really quickly which is handy for travelling as well.

So chuck out those eye make up removers, face wipes, harsh chemical cleansers and cotton pads and say hello to a microfibre cloth and a bottle of oil, it really is that simple !

If you are interested in trying a simple oil to begin with, then a great starting point would be Jojoba Oil as I mentioned before or if you want to dive right in I have blended on all ready for you which is full of four quality oils and when used together with a microfibre cloth it couldn’t be more simple so give it a go. At the end of the day using natural oils is an age old beauty treatment which is kind to your skin and which has worked for hundreds of years – simple, effective and 100% natural.

So, if you are already convinced why not head over to my shop page and grab yourself one of my Microfibre Face Cloths and a Facial Cleansing Oil which I designed to be completely natural, effective and gentle on the skin as well as being kind on the pocket too as a 100ml bottle will last you for months !

        Thanks so much lovelies and have a gorgeous weekend. xo Sophie ?  


FANCY A LITTLE BIT MORE….   For those of you who would like a bit more information on why I chose certain oils for my cleansing oil then please read on ….

Jojoba Oil –  is actually not an oil at all, but rather a wax ester extract of the seed of the jojoba tree. It has absorption properties very similar to that of our own skin which is why it makes a wonderful all round beauty oil. Jojoba Oil is also a great choice for oily or acne prone skin as well because it is non-comedogenic, which means it doesn’t block pores. It helps to speed up healing, is calming to eczema, rosacea, sunburn and other dry skin problems as well as being hypoallergenic. So, unlike some of the oil combinations you can buy this oil is non-irritating and ideal for sensitive skins as allergic reactions to this oil are very rare. This is a great starter oil if you are thinking of dipping your toe into using a cleansing oil.

Almond Oil – helps to improve skin tone and to even out dark spots.  It is also a natural aid to clearing dead skin cells. This is one of the most commonly used base oils, rich in essential fatty acids, good for all skin types. NB if you have a nut allergy you may want to avoid this on.

Castor Oil – is considered a “miracle” oil as it is high in fatty acids, antimicrobial and it aids the removal of toxins by increasing lymphatic action. Castor Oil has skin healing and hydrating properties without a greasy feel and when used with a light touch it is great for anti-ageing and around the delicate eye area too so it is brilliant at looseing mascara and eye makeup as well.

Grapeseed Oil – because of its astringent properties this natural oil is idea for all skin types even acne prone skin. Rich in antioxidants (vitamin E) and tannins, effective at toning/firming the skin.  Grapeseed Oil also contains Linoleic Acid which is anti-inflammatory and aids healing. It is easily absorbed by the skin leaving no oily residue and so the antioxidants it contain are able to penetrate deep into the skin. It is non-allergenic and so makes an ideal carrier oil for sensitive ageing skin. It is especially good for collagen support and works well around the delicate under eye area.

N.B If you have acne prone skin it is best to avoid Coconut Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Sesame Oils on your face as they have a higher comedogenic (pore blocking) rating and as there are plenty of better alternatives out there (as I have menioned up above ☝?) you won’t be stuck for choice ! 


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