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Hello Lovelies,  its been a while since I popped into your inbox as August kind of ran away with me but its great to be back after the summer break and I hope you have had the most fabulous time where ever you have been adventuring.

It has been a busy time at Goodness over the past few months. As you have been giving me lots of lovely feedback about my SOS Skin Balm, over the summer I have also created a new night time versions with Lavender and Bergamot Essential Oils to help us sleep more peacefully and both products have passed their safety testing and are ready to go up on the website this September so keep a look out for those. Later in the month I will be chatting a bit about how amazing Skin Balms are and how versatile they can be throughout the seasons particularly as we move from summer into autumn.

In the meantime I would love you to let me know which topics you would like to learn more about in the coming months – maybe healthy seasonal recipes, natural skincare, wellness tips or ? do post a comment ?? at the bottom.

One Small Swap


Did you know that it is Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week next week and so what better time than now to take a look at some of our beauty and skincare products and make that change over to a product that is more natural and has less impact on the environment. Next week is not about making massive changes, just one swap can really make the world of difference if we all do ONE each !! It can be anything from choosing a more natural skincare product, changing a habit to something more sustainable or sharing tips and ideas with friends. The focus is not solely on “organic” but making changes to our recycling, purchasing and sustainability habits which will have a greater impact on our natural world too.

FYI – only 50% of bathroom packaging is recyclable compared to 90% in kitchens ?

How about taking two rooms in the house and making a small swap in each. Here are some changes you could make ..

 Kitchen – buy 5 litre containers or refill packs of washing up liquid (& clothes washing liquid too). “Eat the Fridge” – make sure you eat as much as you can from the fridge before going to restock so you don’t end up throwing away that 1/3 of food which just lives at the back of the fridge !?. Buy veggies and fruit in your local market especially as there are lots of delicious varieties of locally grown apples and pears starting to come into season. Making the switch to Organic Eggs can have a huge impact as properly free-range organic chickens live in a less dense environment than battery chickens, they have more space to roam and so don’t get beak and other damage, they are fed a better diet with minimal antibiotics giving us all much happier eggs to eat ! ?. Switching to an organic and or fairtrade cuppa is another easy change to make as we drink millions of cups of tea and coffee each day here in Britain so if we all make this switch it would have a huge impact with very little noticable change to us.

Bathroom – this is a really easy one… as we get through so many bottles of shampoo/conditioner/handsoap/showergel making the switch to a bar rather than a bottled product is an easy win. I know the idea of a shampoo bar sounds bonkers but after a bit of trial and error I found one which works well for me (see below??) and its so handy for travelling but if that feels like a bridge too far then how about switching to soap bars in place of shower gels and hand soaps ? Take one skincare product which you use every day that may contain “nasties” and which comes in a plastic container and make a note to go for something more natural in glass packaging next time you go shopping.

How about “upcycling”, before going shoppping for clothes and items for the house look through your cupboards to see if you have something you can use instead of making that new purchase. Buying less but better is my focus for September rather than hitting the Amazon button all the time !!.

Let us all know what swaps you made by posting a comment below or tagging #webofgoodness on instagram. To learn more about events happening in your area next week head to The Soil Association or follow the #organicbeautyandwellbeingweek and #obww19 #OneSmallSwap for loads of ideas and inspiration.

Have a wonderful weekend. Be well Sophie xo


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