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embrace the seasonal shift

New season New You

Hello Lovelies, how are you all doing with the change of season ? its adios to the t-shirts and hello to winter coats in these chilly mornings isn’t it. Are you a lover of autumn or a hiberate till spring kind a gal ?

Resetting our five senses for the new season is the gentlest way to help us get on track, so here are a few ideas to help you easy into autumn.

  • The sounds we hear on an autumn walk, the swish of fallen leaves under our feet, the sound of the wind in the trees, the russle of animals in the undergrowth all help to tune us in to autumn time. And don’t leave for a walk without a paperbag in your pocket as you never know what goodies you will come across, blackberries, apples, mushrooms.. all natural, local food thats FREE I always come back from my walk with food stuffed into my pocket.
  • Head to the market and buy seasonal plants and colour to bring into the home. I love to buy Gourds (sort of mini pumpkins and squashes) for my table, I do this every year and I love the little reminder that autumn is coming as I enjoy looking at the stunning colours on my kitchen table. And the market is full of edible treasures at this time of the year too, plums, pears, root veggies, hazelnuts and loads more tempting treats to inspire you in the kitchen check out some of my wintery recipes here.
  • Layering up and holding back on put the heating full throttle gives our bodies the time to let our natural thermostat’s adjust to what mother nature is showing us outside. This gentle transition allows our skin to adjust gradually otherwise the change in temperatures can make for very unhappy skin (welcome back rosacea and eczema ?). So switch over your pj’s and slippers from light floppy pj’s to autumnal cozy trackies bottoms and fluffy slipper boots and cuddle up.
  • Burning essential oils by the season, our smell is a sense that we often forget about (until the waft of baking apples and cinnamon fill the kitchen) but smell is so evocative isn’t it – by changing the aroma in our living space can really help to nudge us into the next season. How about trying pine, sandlewood, himalayan cedarwood (my fav ✨), sweet orange and cinnamon, and as smell is such a personal thing go for what ever takes your fancy.
  • Altering what we eat in different seasons is also a great way to ease into autumn. We naturally gravitate towards soups, casseroles, one pot dinners, warm salads and tray bakes. I have been on overdrive in the kitchen making soups, pasta sauces, ratatouille, stewed fruits and jams to use up our leftover summer produce from the garden and to fill the freezer with some easy go to dishes.

How do you transition into the next season I would love to hear, so share your comments in the box at the bottom ??.


EVENTS COMING UP FOR AUTUMN:- do come along and find me at any of these events in the next month or so I would love to see you and if you have any questions about your autumnal skincare & wellness or if you just want to say hi then you are all very welcome.

Wednesday 9th October – Macmillan Coffee Morning, 9am-12pm, hosted by Fiona Short at The Grange, The Street, Little Thurlow, Suffolk, CB9 7LA – a get together with goodies and a chance to catch up with friends and support the fabulous Macmillan Cancer Support.

Tuesday 5th November – Christmas Fayre and Bonfire Evening 3pm-7pm at Barnardiston Hall School, Hall Road, Barnardiston, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 7TG Tel: 01440 786316

Wednesday 27th November – Tarkas Cafe Christmas Shopping Evening, 7-9pm at Baythorne Hall, Baythorne End, Halstead, Essex, CO9 4AH Tel: 01440 785680

Books I l?ve

What a great read for a sunny Sunday afternoon I am loving Gelong Thubten’s “A monks guide to happiness – meditation in the 21st century”. Although we know it’s great for managing anxiety, stress, sleep and so much more, meditating regularly can be a hard one to stick too but Thubten makes it all seem so much simpler. None of this “you must sit down and do 20 minutes at the same time every day” (obvs that’s the gold standard we are aiming for folks) which sometimes feels like to high a mountain to climb but his idea of focusing on building in mindful moments throughout the day seems more achievable, I’m going to give that a go this week so if anyone bumps into me and I give them a glazed look, sorry I’m not ignoring you I’m just meditating in motion. I can safely say I don’t want this gentle, nourishing book to end as I have doggie earred almost every page so far !! 

Podcasts worth listening too ?

How to Fail by Elizabeth is just wonderful. You would think it is very depressing focussing on failing but actually it is all about the journey and what each person has learned and how they have changed, grown and won through. This particularly episode with Mo Gawdat is one I have listened too 3 times as he is a total inspiration of how though utterly tragic circumstances he has changed his mindset and wants to spread the tools of how to “live happy” to as many people as he can around the globe. Wow what an amazing man.

Megs Menopause, well what can I say she is gorgeous, a complete laugh and a joy to listen too on all things related to midlife women, full of helpful tips and relatable experiences she is a breathe of fresh air. She is brilliant company on a long car journey and I often pull over in a layby so I can finish an episode before arriving home !

You ? Star

When I turned up for a cuppa and a chin wag with my dear friend Rachel earlier this month the smell wafting from the oven was a little slice of heaven (apples, cinnamon, brown sugar, yum!). When I asked what was cooking she just said very off the cuff that it was one of the “ottleneghi cakes”, you know like you do. Now, she and I are self confessed Ottelenghi groupie we are obsessed with his books and delicious recipes, she more pudding focussed – she’s the bomb at desserts and treats, me more in the veggie department but I must confess I have never made one of his puds and I was thinking blooming heck this is going to be quite elaborate and its only wednesday whats going on… When she whipped open the door I was blown away because I came face to face with a cake that looked exactly like the one in the photo – impressed does not begin to cover it (I am such a rubbish cake baker) I just had to share some snaps – go Rachel !

 “Just because life’s too short to ignore the good stuff “


life has no remote: get up and change it yourself 


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