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Skin Balms, amazin' value 5 in 1 product

skin balms

the 5 in 1 skincare wonder

Hello Lovelies,   I hope you have all had a lovely few weeks and are enjoying the Autumn and all the glorious colours it beings to us.  With the change of season some of us may find that our skin is crying “feed me” as we adjust to chilly early mornings and the heating coming on. It is safe to say that my whole family have been reaching for the big jar of skin balm that lives in our kitchen… do any of you lovelies use one too ? For those of you who may not know a whole lot about this little wonder, read on…

What is a Beauty Balm ? 

This multi-functional skincare product is all natural, containing only plant-based oils and natural waxes. This makes it ideal for  hydrating, soothing and healing our skin leaving it feeling smooth, nourished and calmed with a light natural fragrance. Rather than the usual fast absorbing, chemical packed products which we are all to often tempted into buying particularly when we are trying to manage dry skin, eczema, rosacea and other skin inflammation conditions, we are encouraged to look for a product that will work quickly with a “get the job done” air about it but a skin balm puts that whole idea in reverse with its all natural plant-based ingredients and its deeply nourishing and calming qualities with just the right balance of natural oils so your skin will not feel overly greasy.

How will it help my skin ?

A beauty balm gives more intense moisturising than a cream and works best when you use it on a specific area. When you are reading the label of a product check the ingredients as a good quality natural skin balm should only contain natural oils, waxes and essential oils. As it is an anhydrous product (it doesn’t contain water) there will never be a need for chemical preservative or other “nasties” for example, petroleum and/or petroleum jelly so it is well worth checking that on the label of which ever Balm you buy or are using right now.

A skin balm is the perfect 5 in 1 slow-release beauty product

These multi-purpose balms are so versitily and make a wonderful dry skin treatment on those areas that are crying out for a bit more nourishment than your usual cream is giving you. They make an excellent restorative face mask, daily facial moisturiser, face cleanser (ours even removing makeup) as well as being great for chapped skin through the cold, friction or exercise. They can also help to soothe eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and a plethora of other skin inflammation issues with only all natural non irritating plant-based ingredients. They work wonders on dry ends of the hair and can help to tame hair frizz too if you have unruly locks like I do. Sore lips get kicked into touch with a skin balm as well as hands, nails and cuticles, cracked heels and dry skin on our feet – and they make a great home manicure/pedicure treatment as well as a gentle exfoliator when doubled with a little salt or sugar. Using a skin balm can create a protective barrier for our skin, which can come in handy in the colder months when our hands and faces taking a beating in the cold weather, think of it as a magic veil to shield your skin from the elements. So you see we are way beyond 5 uses just from one small jar !!

I have used it on my rosacea, my daughters have used it on sore and inflamed skin from over scratching their eczema and the man of the family uses it on his face after a day of working outside and it is also his go-to for dry rough gardeners hands. So you get the idea, it really is a multi-purpose product that every member of the family can use.

How to use it ?

Slip a small amount out of your tin or jar with your middle finger, warm up the balm in the ends of your fingers and then massage in to where ever you are targeting e.g. patches of dry skin, hair ends, cuticles etc.. and if there is any left on your hands don’t waste it just rub it in to the backs of your hands or forearms.

Are skin balms affordable ?

Definitely, this genius jars of goodness can tick more than a handful of skincare boxes in one go, and not only will it save you time in your your skincare routine but as it is so versitile it will save you over spending on unnecessary skincare products which will save you money too.

Buying less products + throwing away less packaging = sustainable beauty and a happy ? environment .

For those of you who are already fans of my SOS Skin Balm a new product is on its way ✨ as you lovelies mentioned to me that you use yours at night I have developed a evening-time version with Lavender and Bergamot to help soothe and calm the mind around bedtime and this will be up on my shop as soon as the packaging is finalised ! ??

What can I say I am a fan…. how about you ?

Do leave a comment if you have any questions about using a skin balm or if you just want to share your love of the humble but oh so fabulous beauty balm. If you are interested in trying one, then do pop in to one of the events that I will be at this autumn (see below) so you can try them for yourselves. xo Sophie

Events coming up

Do come along and find me at any of these events in the next month or so I would love to see you and if you have any questions about your autumnal skincare & wellness or if you just want to say hi and try some of my products then you are all very welcome.

Gift Sets are ONLY available for purchase at events !!

Tuesday 5th November – Christmas Fayre and Bonfire Evening 3pm-7pm at Barnardiston Hall School, Hall Road, Barnardiston, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 7TG Tel: 01440 786316

Wednesday 27th November – Tarkas Cafe Christmas Shopping Evening, 7-9pm at Baythorne Hall, Baythorne End, Halstead, Essex, CO9 4AH Tel: 01440 785680

Friday 6th December – St Faiths School Christmas Sale, 3-6pm, St Faiths School, Trumpington Road, Cambridge, CB2 8AG  Tel: 01223 352073 (awaiting confirmation)

Tuesday 10th December – Dame Bradburys School Christmas Fair, 2pm – 5pm at Dame Bradburys School, Ashdon Road, Saffron Walden, CB10 2AL  Tel: 01799 522348

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