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Stress and your skin

In the midst of International Stress Awareness Week, we thought we’d shine the spotlight on something we’re so passionate about here at Goodness – skincare. Stress affects the body, mind and soul in so many ways, and its side effects on our skin are the most under-reported part of the damage stress can cause. 

Read on to find out more about the relationship between stress and your skin, and discover how natural skincare could help eliminate these troubling side effects.

The impact of stress on your skin

Over time, stress has the power to impact every part of our lives. The appearance and condition of our skin can be one of the first things to suffer, with even the smallest stresses showing themselves as eczema flare-ups and skin breakouts.

At the root of it, stress is a chemical response that occurs in the body, and this can make the skin more reactive and sensitive as a result. If you are currently suffering from skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea, symptoms can become worse due to stress. Skin rashes and hives can also be triggered. 

So too can compulsive conditions, like dermatillomania (also known as skin-picking disorder) and trichotillomania (known commonly as hair-pulling disorder). These stress induced health problems cause more than just a change in appearance as this article from Self explains:

“Shannon Bennett, Ph.D., a psychologist at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian, describes these as impulse-control conditions that usually get worse under stress. 

Since the impulsive pulling or picking can be a way of trying to cope with negative emotions, feeling stressed might make a person engage in these actions more often. These kinds of disorders can have various physical and mental ripple effects, Bennett explains, from skin infections to shame and guilt.”

Your daily skincare regime can be affected by the presence of stress, with changes in your routine aggravating conditions further if left unchecked.

Minimising stress induced side effects

Easing the impact of stress and solving the underlying causes is of course the first port of call when minimising the effects on your skin. Making sure you stick firmly to your skincare routine is another must. Even if you are stressed or tired, try not to neglect your skin. 

Getting regular exercise also helps. Even a brisk walk outside in the fresh air can give you the energy to manage your stress better and look after your skin, and it’s great for the rest of your body too! Sleep is another skin elixir and stress suppressor.

Simple breathing exercises are also very effective for managing stress and can be used wherever you are. Yoga and meditation are other activities that equip you with the skills to manage stress. 

Making time for yourself and incorporating some of these stress management techniques may help you to handle your daily stress levels better, allowing you to take more positive steps forward for yourself and your skin.

Goodbye stress, hello goodness

Embracing a more natural way of caring for yourself and your skin will lay the foundations for great self-care. By choosing uncomplicated skincare products, you can steer clear of harmful chemicals and skin irritants and harness an all-natural skincare routine that suits your skin type and lifestyle.

All our products – including our 5 in 1 skin balm saviour – are made from natural plant-based oils to provide all you need to completely nourish your skin. We also offer a one-to-one skincare consultation service to help people make the move to green beauty, detox their beauty and skincare routine, and refine their lifestyles with wellness in mind.

By giving your skin everything it needs, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you can be your best kind of beautiful, and love yourself inside and out. Shop our range of natural skincare productshere.

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