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How to look after YOU during midlife

Being a woman in her middle years isn’t easy. That shift between younger and older adulthood brings its challenges, but we won’t bore you with the negatives! As a holistic skin and wellness consultant, I regularly assist women during these poignant years. I want you to look and feel healthy and well at every age and stage, including during midlife.

Great nutrition is where your midlife begins, and it’ll leave you in the best possible form to overcome challenges and reap the rewards of this vital life stage. Read on to discover our top tips for looking and feeling your very best right now and for years to come.

Boost vitamin C intake

Anti-ageing isn’t just a bugbear in midlife, it’s a challenge both women and men face throughout their lives. But what you eat could help you slow the signs of ageing dramatically. Vitamin C is integral to increasing the production of collagen, a protein that gives skin the elasticity and strength it needs to look its most youthful. It also works to repair the free radicals within the body to slow the ageing process and even prevent the development of cancer.

Vitamin C may be the most common antioxidant found in the skin, but during midlife, levels need a boost. Vitamin C is found in a vast range of fruits and vegetables so make sure these are a steadfast part of your diet. Avoid smoking, sun exposure and pollution to ensure vitamin C levels aren’t depleted further.

Check out this blog post to find out more about the relationship between vitamin C and collagen, and discover the secret to healthier skin.

Balance those hormones

According to the results of The Seattle Midlife Women’s Health Study, the most challenging part of midlife is finding the balance needed to continue successfully. Here their researchers explain more:

“Women identified the most challenging aspects of midlife as changing family relationships, re-balancing work/personal life, re-discovering self, securing enough resources, and coping with multiple co-occurring stressors. Within these themes the most frequently reported challenges were: multiple co-occurring stressors, divorce/breaking up with a partner, health problems of self, and death of parents. Few women mentioned menopause as the most challenging aspect of their lives.”

Finding balance and limiting stress should always begin with your hormones. Hormone imbalances occur during perimenopause and menopause, with levels of estrogen and progesterone dropping throughout. Hormone imbalances affect the body in a variety of ways resulting in changes in appearance, brain function, body temperature and mood.

Eating more essential fatty acids like omega 3 (found in salmon, tuna, nuts and wholegrains), plant-based foods, leafy greens and fruits rich in flavonoids (such as citrus fruits, red berries and grapes) is integral to balancing hormones. By ensuring a hormone balancing diet you can enhance your mood, appearance and general wellbeing.

Enhance bone health

A healthy, balanced diet that resembles a rainbow of fruits and vegetables provides the variety, vitamins and antioxidants you need to enrich wellbeing, especially during midlife. Try these tasty vegetarian recipes to get your five a day and more! Ensuring you have sufficient calcium and vitamin D to aid good bone health is also important.

Bone conditions such as rickets, osteomalacia and osteoporosis are common in later life but preparing your body from midlife onwards will ensure you can lower the risk of developing these conditions. You need at least 700mg of calcium every day. Dairy products, leafy greens, soya beans and drinks, nuts, tofu, baked goods made from fortified flour, some fish (i.e. sardines and pilchards) and spinach are all excellent sources of calcium.

Incorporating foods rich in vitamin D, taking vitamin D supplements and getting the sunlight our skin needs to produce vitamin D naturally also ensures your body has the nutrients to successfully absorb the calcium you’re consuming.

Need help to make sure your nutritional needs are met during midlife? Contact us today to find out how our health coaching service can help you.

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