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The best foods for a spring cleanse and detox

As a season known for rebirth and renewal, spring is the perfect time to put your health and wellbeing firmly back on the agenda.

After the indulgence (and comfort eating) of winter, cleansing, and detoxing will give your body the fresh start it deserves as Maria Marlowe from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition reveals:

“Spring in particular is an excellent time to detox. If you’re like most people, you likely spent the cold winter eating heavier, protein-rich, hearty foods which are higher in fat. While those foods do help keep you warm, they can also slow down your digestive system.

A detox helps you cleanse your digestive tract and get it working more efficiently while preparing it for the lighter, fresher foods that you will likely start to crave as the temperatures rise.”

A great way to kick start your spring detox in style is to nourish your body from the inside out. Here at Web of Goodness, we love seasonal, wholesome and local ingredients, and we make no secret of it.

But what foods should you be eating to detox your body, clear out those toxins and reveal a happier, healthier, more nourished you this spring?


In season from March to June and at their prime during April, asparagus is an excellent cleanser. This bright green vegetable is packed full of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, C, E, K and B6, plus fibre, protein, copper, calcium, iron, and folate. It actively cleanses the kidneys to reduce water retention, whilst promoting the growth of friendly bacteria within the gut.

It is also billed as an anti-carcinogen, along with spinach, which is also a great source of omega-3.


More commonly known as the weed that you just can’t shift, young dandelions actually provide the perfect garnish for spring and summer dishes. Making a meal of this wonderful, edible weed unlocks excellent detoxifying qualities.

The common dandelion contains 48 different substances that cleanse the body naturally. The roots and leaves in particular cleanse the liver.

Be sure to pick and eat dandelions in spring however. Larger, older dandelions picked in summer generally have a bitter taste. The best tasting dandelions are picked in late spring, i.e. May and early June. Check out these surprisingly tasty dandelion recipes to get started.


When you’re foraging in your back garden for dandelions, grab (when wearing gloves!) a bunch of nettles to continue your spring cleansing journey. It’s a detox food that’s rich in minerals and actively strengthens a number of organs, including the liver, kidneys, and adrenal glands. Nettles are truly delicious and thankfully their sting is removed completely during the cooking process.

Why not kick off your spring cleanse and detox with a refreshing drink of nettle tea?


For those who enjoy a sharper taste, lemons can do a lot of good. It’s another liver cleansing superfood and contains plenty of vitamin C, which is known for its toxin eliminating powers. This is just one of the many reasons why it’s the lead ingredient in a number of popular detox products.

Instead of buying pre-packaged, lemon based detox products, try making your own fresh lemon and ginger tea.


A great addition to any spring or summer salad, celery is more than just a hydrating and refreshing garnish. It is well known for its weight loss (celery contains zero calories) and cleansing abilities with the active phthalides it contains also lowering blood pressure. In addition, it also protects the liver’s cells from toxin and alcohol damage.

You can use celery to enjoy dips like hummus, and when diced and added to salads it adds an extra crunch. On cooler spring days, cream of celery soup, flavoured with extra fennel, lemon, and tarragon, is a rich yet refreshing lunch option.

Green tea

Swap your usual hot beverage for a cup of green tea, and benefit from its naturally caffeine free, detoxifying qualities.

Green tea is antioxidant rich and flushes out toxins to boost liver function, burn calories, aid weight management, boost physical performance, and improve brain function.

Not quite finished with winter inspired dishes? Try these healthy plant-based recipes and enjoy wholesome ingredients and a comforting meal.

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