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Preparing your skin for the sun

Spring is here, and with it comes longer and warmer days, and the sun we’ve craved so much for many months. The sun’s long overdue comeback means more vitamin D and we will feel all the more happier for it, but it shouldn’t mean parched and sun damaged skin.

Too much sun exposure can be significantly hurtful to your skin and wider health. As well as causing sunburn, the ultraviolet electromagnetic radiation found in sunlight damages cells to cause a number of skin problems.

The appearance of age spots, wrinkles, thread veins, pigmentation, and actinic keratoses are all worsened by overexposure to the sun. And with the vast majority of skin damage completely irreversible, preparing for the sun is the key to healthy and beautiful-looking skin not just for the spring and summer seasons – but all year round.

At Web of Goodness, we’re firm believers that your skin deserves the best nature has to offer. Here we guide you through how to prep your skin for the sun.

Start with exfoliation

To create the perfect base for the best quality, sun protective beauty products, make exfoliation a part of your skin care regime. Regular exfoliation helps your skin shed dead cells that dull the complexion. 

Exfoliation also reduces blemishes, unclogs pores, csn help to prevent breakouts, and keeps dry skin at bay to ensure a more even skin tone. Beware of over-exfoliating however. Here Clinical Aesthetician Pamela Marshall explains more about the dangers of over-exfoliating:

“Over-exfoliation is a common problem. There are far too many brands that don’t actually understand how the skin functions and they propel the myth that we must exfoliate daily… If you are exfoliating the skin too often, the skin’s barrier function can become compromised, skin can become dehydrated and capillaries can become damaged. It can ultimately make acne worse… Visible signs of over-exfoliated skin can appear as red undertones, peeling and noticeable dryness.”

Whilst exfoliation needs vary from skin type to skin type, we recommend exfoliating no more than two to three times a week to ensure the skin’s protective barrier remains intact.

Reduce retinoid use

Retinoid treatments first came to the market in the early 1970s, with their use exploding since their introduction. Used to treat acne, wrinkles, psoriasis, and warts, retinoid treatments were hailed a cure-all for skin problems. But when the sun makes an appearance, you should limit their use.

Retinoids contain retinol, also known as vitamin A1, which is well known for its ability to treat skin issues. It is however less known for its ability to increase the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. Retinoid treatments and other photosensitive products should therefore be used sparsely and with caution during the spring and summer months. 

Regular retinoid use can also cause the skin to itch, burn, and peel, as well as make it more susceptible to sunburn. Using retinoid treatments and photosensitive products at night and avoiding their use during the day is advisable. Moreover, make sure to start your day by applying a quality sunscreen.

Up your SPF daily

SPF or sunscreen shouldn’t be reserved for those holidays overseas. It should be worn daily, even in the UK! 

On overcast days, your skin still needs to be protected from the sun. By using SPF daily, you can shield your skin from damaging, year-round UVA rays and the UVB levels that grow more intense during summer.

Remember, consistency is key when applying your daily SPF. Don’t be tempted to burn on day one as your skin hasn’t seen bright sunlight for months then start your daily SPF routine from day two onwards. By arming your skin with a good quality SPF on a daily basis, you won’t be caught out by the odd hot day that appears in spring.

Enjoy a Gua Sha facial

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese medicine technique that’s working wonders for beauty in the modern day. Known as pressure stroking or coining, Gua Sha is an instrument assisted massage that is well known for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, boosting firmness and elasticity, improving skin brightness, relieving puffiness, and aiding lymphatic draining. 

Using a Gua Sha tool and gentle pressure, lymphatic fluid can be moved from the face and drained into the body to expel toxins, and leave your skin looking and feeling its best.

Find out more about how you can love your lymphatic system with a Gua Sha here.

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