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Have you made the switch to natural deodorant yet?

The rise (and rise) of the green beauty market is undeniable. With our passion for all-natural skincare, we couldn’t be happier with the nation and wider world’s shift to a more sustainable lifestyle. Now, green beauty is making it easier for individuals to enjoy the best of nature in their own homes.

As consumers, we no longer have to choose between environmental friendliness and product effectiveness – we can have it all.

As well as the range of green beauty products expanding, the skincare market has been transformed for the better too. Alongside face oils and skin balms, natural deodorants are making a huge difference to people’s daily lives.

Natural deodorants use naturally occurring ingredients to manage body odour, meaning you can stay fresh without the risks associated with regular antiperspirants.

In this blog post, we take a closer look at the risks of antiperspirant deodorants plus the rewards that can be reaped by going all-natural with your deodorant choice.

Bringing balance to your underarms

In recent years, there has been much research into the risks posed by the regular use of antiperspirant deodorants.

Whilst the go-to way to stay fresh, the use of antiperspirant deodorants is generally unnecessary with the bacteria living on our skin playing a significant role in the preservation of our health and wellbeing.

The presence of this bacteria is integral to the maintenance of skin and gut health. Antiperspirant deodorant use however diminishes this vital defence barrier.

Balancing the bacteria in this delicate underarm ecosystem can in fact be achieved without antiperspirant deodorant use. It is after all not your sweat that smells, but the breakdown of bacteria on the skin.

Switching to a milder soap is just one of the ways to create a better environment for friendlier strains of bacteria and successfully protect your pits as The Hearty Soul details:

“Soaps containing strong surfactants (like those with SLS and SDS, and even Castille soap), remove the protective sebum that is full of the good fats that your body uses to protect your skin. These will also make it a better environment for your good microbes to thrive… Strong antibacterials are what will have the most destabilizing effect on your armpit microbiome, which makes it difficult for good bacteria to thrive.”

Adapting to a new, antiperspirant deodorant-free lifestyle isn’t a walk in the park and the bacteria does take time to stabilise.

Opting for a natural, aluminium-free deodorant is however a great, risk-free, gentle alternative, which brings us onto our next point…

Why go natural with your deodorant?

Natural deodorants are becoming more and more popular, and you’ll see why when you read their long list of benefits.

Natural deodorants forgo harsh, chemical ingredients in favour of gentle, organic and all-natural additions. Their lack of aluminium means the pores under your arms don’t get clogged, meaning the issues mentioned above just don’t happen.

It’s important to remember that you are supposed to sweat. It’s your body’s way of flushing out troublesome toxins. While antiperspirants work to suppress your sweating abilities, natural deodorants work with your body.

Natural deodorants allow your body to sweat without that unpleasant smell. As well as smelling and functioning better, your underarm skin will be healthier with softer feeling skin and you’ll experience less irritation with a natural deodorant. You can say “goodbye” to yellow stains and white streaks on your clothes too.

Great for you and the planet!

The manufacture of natural deodorants is kinder to the planet. Most are supplied in eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging or are fully biodegradable and recyclable.

While animal testing has been banned in the vast majority of countries, selected big name pharmaceutical companies (some of which are responsible for the production of antiperspirant deodorants) still use this awful practice to test their products.

By switching to natural deodorant, which isn’t tested on animals, you can support the worldwide ban on animal testing.

If you’re ready to make the switch, why not give these natural deodorants a try? I absolutely love the Cotton Fresh Natural Deodorant Cream from Evolve Beauty, Botanical Cream Deodorant from Aurelia and Soapwalla’s deodorising range.

These fabulous products have inspired me so much that I’ve been busy creating my own natural deodorant cream, which is due to come onto the market at the end of summer.

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