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Facial cleansing oils

The idea of using an oil to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin somehow seems counter intuitive doesn’t it.

The reality is that using harsh soaps or detergent based cleansers strip everything away from your skin including your own natural oils. This forces your skins oil production to go into overdrive as it tries to rebalance itself. This vicious circle can lead to a never ending cycle of excessive oil production on the one hand and/or very dry and inflamed skin on the other, and this is where the Facial Cleansing Oil comes in.

Here we will take a closer look at cleansing oils, how they work and whether they are right for you.

How does it works

You may have learned in chemistry lessons at school, the concept that “like dissolves like”. This is also true in skincare. The best way to dissolve sebum/oil in our skin is to use a solvent of similar composition i.e. another oil. By using a natural oil, lightly massaged into the skin, it gently dissolves any dirt, makeup and impurities that are trapped in our pores, and is an effective, simple, natural way to cleanse your skin.

Best of all, as your skin will not have been stripped of its goodness (unlike when using harsh chemical cleansers) it will require less nourishment afterwards, meaning less chance of product overload and less skincare products needed full stop. All these benefits help to keep your skin balanced and fed to its optimum with the minimum of skincare products, a lot less fuss and a significant saving to the cosmetic piggy bank too.


Using and choosing a facial cleansing oil

Pour a small puddle of your facial cleansing oil (3 to 4 pumps) into the palm of your hand. Using your hands and fingers, massage into your face concentrating on the eyes or where ever you have the most make-up, you want to aim for panda eyes at this point if you are wearing mascara etc. The more dirt and makeup you loosen with the oil the easier it will be to thoroughly remove it.

Wet a flannel, face cloth or microfibre with warm water and press to the face and slowly wipe the dirt and makeup away. Rinse your cloth out in warm water and reapply if you feel you need to. When your face feels clean, rinse your cloth out with hot water and or a little soap or shower gel from time to time and hang out to dry. Then apply a few drops of your face oil and usual eye and or face cream but you may be surprised to find that you need less of your usual products because of the way you have gently cleansed your skin.

Please note that this cleansing method does not require any rubbing at all. When used with a microfibre cloth, which is very mildly abrasive, this style of cleansing is a game changer particularly if you have sensitive or oily/blemished skin. To learn more about the merits of microfibre cloths read here and you will soon learn why I am a fan.

Wondering which oil to start with ? Jojoba Oil is a simple and effective oil to begin cleansing with. It is actually not an oil at all, but rather a wax ester extract of the seed of the jojoba tree. It has absorption properties very similar to that of our own skin which is why it makes a wonderful all round beauty oil to try first.

There are many inexpensive oils on the market but always read the ingredients list as they may contain chemicals and other nasty ingredients. A natural facial cleanser should only contain 100% natural plant-based ingredients. It is just a matter of experimenting with what product works best for your skin type. My Goodness By Sophie Facial Cleansing Oil contains Jojoba Oil as its first ingredient for all the wonderful reasons I have mentioned above, you can have a look here.


Will it work for my skin ?

Your skin may take a small amount of time to adjust but be patient as oil cleansing can be effective for oily/blemished skin, dry skin, sensitive skin and for older skin types too. Even teenagers who are acne prone and very sensitive about the idea of using oil on their already oily skin, have been converted.

So chuck out those eye make up removers, face wipes, harsh chemical cleansers and disposable cotton pads and try a microfibre cloth and a bottle of facial cleansing oil, it really is that simple !

Head over to my shop page to get your Microfibre Face Cloth and a Facial Cleansing Oil now. Completely natural, effective and gentle skincare that is kind on the pocket too – a 100ml bottle will last you for months !

N.B If you have acne prone skin it is best to avoid Coconut Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Sesame Oils on your face as they have a higher comedogenic (pore blocking) rating. Always read the ingredients list carefully. If you have any queries, DM me over on Instagram @webofgoodness.


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