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4 top reasons to Body Brush

Giving your body a brush each morning may seem a bit simplistic but actually there are many reasons why gently waking up our lymphatics each morning through brushing could be just what you need right now.

When we are lacking in energy and lethargic, which many of us may be feeling if we are confined to staying at home, waking up our sluggish lymphatic systems can be a simple way to pep up our mood, energy levels as well as other health benefits besides.

Lets learn more about why we should consider body brushing, the benefits and how to do it yourself.

What is body brushing ?

Body Brushing has been practiced for hundreds of years and is thought to stimulate our circulation and in doing so boosts our lymphatic system too.

Firstly a bit of biology. Our immune boosting, lymphatic system is made up of nodes, ducts and vessels that live just below the surface of the skin and by brushing our skin gently we are stimulating our entire system to flow smoothly.

Not only that, body brushing has been scientifically proven to reduce our cellulite by as much as 26% when compared to applying creams and taking exercise. If you are still skeptical head over to BBC Iplayer and watch “The truth about looking good” at about 37 minutes into the programme to learn more. Don’t forget to pop back to read the benefits and how to do it here.

4 top health benefits

1 Naturally energising: due to the increase in circulation and stimulation, our energy levels will naturally rise as we body brush. Doing this in the morning means we can use that extra energy through the day. Please avoid doing this at night unless you work a midnight to 8am shift !!

2 Improved lymphatic flow boosts our immune system: as much of your lymphatic system runs through our skin, body brushing stimulates the flow and detoxifies the body naturally, giving our immune system a boost too.

3 Helps with cellulite: regular body brushing brings nutrients and oxygen to the upper layers of the skin slowing down the bodies fat deposits and so reducing the appearance of dimpled skin.

4 Exfoliates the skin: clears pores and encourages new cells to grow. The action of body brushing removes dead skin, leaving your skin smoother and in perfect condition to apply your cream or body oil. Its a cheap and effective exfoliator.

Just before there is an almighty stampeed into the bathroom to pummel your body to bits read on for how to do it.

How to do it ?

You should aim for about 10 strokes per area, in short, light upwards motion towards the centre of your body. Taking approx 5 minutes to begin with is ideal. You can increase the time as you get used to it and as time allows.

The direction starts with the soles of your feet, up the outside and inside of your legs then moves to the palms of your hands and repeat the same up your inside and outside of the arms and armpits. Use a circular motion around your tummy, then work up your sides and into the chest/heart area.  Don’t forget to do your neck and shoulders and some of your back too if you can reach. Remember, always head to the centre of the body.

It goes without saying that you should never body brush damaged or irritated skin. Your skin may look slightly pink when you begin but should never be stinging or bright red. If it hurts you in any way ease off the pressure, do less strokes or use a much softer brush until your skin adjusts. Its all about gentle strokes rather than pummeling yourself to bits !

Only taking 5 minutes out of your day, with just the cost of a brush, could leave you feeling more energised, with smoother skin and possibly reducing cellulite too, so what have you got to loose. I’d love to know if you give it a try so drop me a message on Instagram @webofgoodness or Facebook @webofgoodness and tell me how you got on!

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N.B. A note about brushes: I would recommend starting with a softer brush and a light pressure and then build up as you get used to it. If you struggle to reach your back or the soles of your feet a long handled brush may be worth purchasing.

As ever if you have any queries, DM me over on Instagram @webofgoodness.


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