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Beyond Covid-19 and preparing for the future

No one could have anticipated the events of the past year and the spring and summer to come will no doubt not be the one we expected either. If Covid has taught us anything it is that life can be changeable and we should live each day for what it brings. 

As the UK government revealing more of their exit plan, we’re finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. So how can you and your family best prepare for life after lockdown – “our new normal” ?

Here we reveal step you can take to prepare for your future and ultimately look beyond Covid-19.

Go at your own pace

After months holed up at home, the shock of getting back to normal can have a huge impact on your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Whilst anxiety levels rose due to the lockdown, adjusting to life outside of lockdown has triggered more feelings of unease.

‘Post-lockdown anxiety’, is real for many of us who are feeling anxious about the relaxation of measures that were introduced to keep us safe during the height of the pandemic.

The uncertainty of life post-lockdown, a situation that is way beyond our control has contributed to these feelings of anxiety, but it is completely normal and natural to feel this way. Reviewing your priorities and adjusting to your new routine at your own pace is what we’d recommended when combating post-lockdown anxiety as Stephen Buckley from mental health charity Mind describes:

“When it comes to our personal lives, many of us are finding the current pace of life easier to deal with, as we’re less pressured to attend social gatherings, for example. It’s worth reflecting on whether we want things to return to how they were before, or if there’s an opportunity to review our priorities and really think about what makes us happy.”

This can be an opportunity to do things differently and not revert back to the old ways if they don’t support your best health and this chance can be hugely liberating if we choose to see it that way. By setting small daily goals that lead towards your new choices and celebrating those little wins can really help you and your family adjust to life as measures continue to relax.

Remember to go easy on yourself, none of us have been here before and we are all doing our best. Stay informed about the latest Covid-19 rules, and don’t forget to keep talking to family and friends.

Don’t forget to look after you

It can be so easy to reprioritise everything else over looking after yourself, especially as you reintroduce yourself and your family to your old routine. But remember, you can’t take on this post-lockdown world without looking after you.

Whether it’s dedicating an hour or so to keeping up the hobbies you rediscovered during lockdown, getting your healthy eating plan back on track, or indulging in a spot of self-care at home, do something for you and feel all the better for it.

Use our at-home relaxation techniques to find calm after a busy day negotiating your new, post-lockdown schedule.

Take some positives from lockdown

Lockdown was a testing time for us all, but it did have its plus points too. Some of us uncovered new passions and hobbies with the extra time we had on our hands, whilst some of us who continued to work from home finally found that elusive work-life balance that had been lacking in the past.

The trials we faced in the supermarkets led to many taking matters into our own hands and becoming more self-sufficient as a result. Most of us also developed a new appreciation for the smaller things in life – that quick passing chat with a neighbour, those regular coffees with friends, that visit from a family member – things that we will never take for granted again!

Whatever positives you uncovered during lockdown, please do come and share with us all either on Instagram or Facebook.