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How to stop fearing failure

Lets face it, that pesky fear of failure can be a massive elephant in the room can’t it. It is so often holding us back from taking that first step towards a new health goal. So how can we can tame that beast in our minds and see and feel the results we yearn for.

Ask yourself this, “why is it that even when we achieve 95% of the wonderful stuff, it is that 5% of the not so great stuff, what we label so heaviliy as our “failures” that we tend to give 95% of the airtime too” ?.

That feeling of not hitting our goal or target whether it be around our movement, stress levels, food choices, sleep etc.. that heaviness is something that as humans we can carry around with us and it can make us feel pretty awful can’t it. The reality is that if we are a living being on this earth we will make mistakes, FACT, some big and some not so much. Its just a matter of how we choose to see them.

So here are my thoughts on how and why we should embrace failure, grab that elephant for dear life and enjoy the ride !. 

Get good at failing well

None of us would be who we are today without our failures, the good, the bad and the ugly !  They are the life lessons which drive us forward if we allow them too. No one else has our exact experiences, we are each a unique one-off incredible human full of potential for anything and if we can learn to fail well, to lean into our short-coming and ask, “how can I do it differently next time” the thing you percieve as a failure becomes a lesson and don’t we all love to learn.

Lets talk compassion !

Regret is a massive time waster. We all know that don’t we but the trick is to find ways to cut our selves some slack here, no one’s perfect. 

You may feel angry at yourself for eating something you know is not going to do you any good, or maybe you wriggled out of doing your exercise for a while but beating yourself up when things don’t go as you had hoped has absolutely no benefits what-so-ever so we need to try and stop doing that. Easier said than done I know only too well (I even have a name for that niggling little voice in my head, maybe I’ll post on that another time!), but at the end of the day none of us can see the big picture when we are focused on the small mistake we made.

So, I’d like to propose a kinder way through. You could acknowledge the uncomfortableness that the so called failure caused, remind yourself that it’s a part of life and consciously decide not to try that way again and move forward. And remember that you wrestled the elephant and that makes you pretty fearless and bold in my opinion.

Failure = Growth

‘We cannot become what we want by remaining WHAT we are” – Max Depree and isn’t that the truth. If you step boldly towards things that are new and challenging you will feel icky, uncomfortable even and that is a wonderful thing because it means you have created an opportunity for change, a transformation, a chance to welcome in the new !


Ultimately just the simple act of Getting started changes everything – Taking that step forward is all you need to do to shake that fear of failure away and life will do the rest if you keep showing up, being willing to learn and to love that as part of your journey, then you will surely reach the goals you yearn for.

Thankyou for reading and as ever please do come and share your lessons with me either on Instagram or Facebook.

And if you have any queries around Health and Wellness as well as Natural Skincare come chat on social media or email me to learn how I can help and answer your questions. xo Sophie

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