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Hide your veg !

How to eat more veg without really noticing you are !.

We all know we should be eating more veggies, there is alot of evidence out there that we should be eating as much as 30 different types of veg and fruit a week but that can be hard to get our heads around can’t it. It feels like a big shift for some of us especially if we have a resistant partner or family member who hates the idea of eating more veg. So what to do ?

If this feels a little overwhelming for you right now I have created a free eguide showing you how to get started from fridge to plate, just sign up to my newsletter and my free guide will be in your inbox to get you started right away. So clicking here to get going !.

So here are my favourite hiding places to put those extra veggies into your or your families meals.

The easy wins

These are the easy hiding places !

CURRIES – anything goes here as the flavours in curry sauces can hide any number of veggies like tomatoes, butternut, peas, beans, fresh herbs and spices, lentils, chickpeas, spinach, kale etc.. the list is endless.

HOMEMADE BURGERS AND MEATBALLS – You can start with simply adding a few of the ingredients listed below into your usual mince and build from there. To experiment with veggie burgers, sweat some finely chopped onions, carrots, celery, mashed lentils and pulses, coriander, parsley for example make into patties and fry or chickpea and sun dried tomato, mushroom and black bean are also delicious examples.

RICE & QUINOA – great for adding onions, spring onions, peas, carrot, celery, lentils and corn. If you are covering the rice with a casserole or curry so much the better thats double the opportunity to bring more veggies into your plate. If you want to aim higher go for cauliflower rice its super easy to make here’s how !

PASTA SAUCES OBVIOUSLY – tomato, onions, celery, carrots, olives, fresh herbs, butternut squash, aubergine, lentils you name it it can go in a sauce to have with pasta. Top the dish off with some pan fried chicken and you’ll have a winner. This simple chorizo and kale pasta is a constant hit with my kids.

MEAT SAUCES CAN BE SNEAKY – Both bolognaise & mexican mince for example can hold lots of veggies as well as beans, pulses and lentils you can up your veggie intake by five in these two dishes alone. I also add a tin of green lentils to both these dishes for added protein, fibre and to reduce down the meat content of each serving and help the meal to feed more hungry mouths.

The plan ahead options.

BAKING – Try beetroot or carrot muffins, black bean cookies, zucchini cake. Try one of these.

MASH IT TO HIDE IT. Reduce the potato content in your mashed potato by adding in cooked and blended butternut squash, celeriac, cauliflower, or replace all together with a mix of carrot & swede blend.

FRITTERS FOR SURE – grated courgette or carrot work well in a fritter batter. You could also try grated sweet potato and leek, carrot and corn, mashed cooked red lentil, just go for it.

Lets get adventurous

HUMMUS – with paprika & butternut squash purée is our family favourite. You can also add beetroot, carrot, artichoke. Combining the added flavours with a herb works well here if you have fussy eaters. E.g. butternut and paprika, pea and mint, harissa/cumin garlic and carrot, sun dried tomato and basil, roasted cauliflower and turmeric, red pepper and pesto, sweet potato and curry. Just cook your veg until soft and blend on high with your chosen herbs it’s really that simple

CHIPS – sweet potato, butternut squash, parsnip, celeriac all make good chips. Peel (optional for the sweet potato), drizzle with good quality oil e.g. extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle a spice e.g. paprika or a bbq blend and roast on high, turning regularly so they brown all over. Kale and even cauliflower leaves make great chip-like snacks too, they can be made in the same way but keep an eye on them they cook much quicker and should be eaten fresh out of the oven (once they have cooled a little).

SMOOTHIES & POKE BOWLS – spinach, celery, beetroot, fennel, kale, cauliflower, carrots, spinach, you name it it can go in and if you have a juicer popping carrot juice is a smoothie brings a tasty sweetness. If you are adding fruits e.g banana, berries etc you will barely notice the veggies and you really don’t need much fruit you will be surprise….

Want to learn easy ways to up you and your families veggie intake. Its the single easiest way to improve your health and everyone’s a winner. If this feels a little overwhelming I have created a free eguide showing you how to eat more veggies, just sign up to my newsletter and my free guide will be in your inbox to get you started right now. So clicking here to get going !.

Thankyou for reading and as ever please do come and share your thoughts and questions around your health and wellness either on Instagram or Facebook. or email me I love to connect and am happy to help and answer your questions. xo Sophie

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