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Why this came about?

We are all aware of the need to eat nutritious foods for optimum health and that is very much a central pillar of my Health Coaching business. We go to great lengths to detox our liver through eating cleansing foods and increase our water intake for example and it is true that these actions greatly benefit our health but we rarely stop to think that our skin, which is the largest organ in our bodies, craves cleansing and nourishment too.

I am here to show you that simple skincare, only using the most natural and uncomplicated ingredients is a great thing. I have tried a multitude of different products and I have found that parring back beauty to the ingredients that your skin actually needs is what works best, anything more is a waste.

We have to think about skin not only being skin deep but tummy deep too. What you put on the outside of your body has just as much impact as what you put in your body. I truly feel that my Health Coaching and Natural Beauty sit side by side in order for us to achieve total wellness inside and out.

be your best kind of beautiful

Through my own challenges of living with poor skin for over three decades and then seeing the options presented to my teenage daughter when faced with similar problems I found that very little had moved on in over 30 years. Having lived with the consequences myself of chemical ladened topical creams and lotions, going on the contraceptive pill and subsequently being offered Isotretinoin (Roaccutane) three times and the damage that did to my body, I felt duty bound to try to navigate my daughter down the most natural skincare path possible, when she too found herself facing similar choices.

It became such a challenge to find all natural, simple products that contained just pure, uncomplicated ingredients that would feed our differing skin types without damaging our bodies through harmful chemicals and other nasties. I could barely understand the label of ingredients, even when “organic” and “natural” appeared on the ingredients list I could not decipher the actual ingredients let alone whether they were natural or not. So I started doing my own research and subsequently created my own formulations of hand-blend beauty products for myself and my family. We were amazed and thrilled with the results and before long friends were asking me to make up hand-blended formulas for them too and things have snowballed on from there.

What’s our Beauty Ethos?

Here at Goodness we know what is in every jar of our 100% natural products.

All our ingredients are clearly listed in plain english, no latin names to confuse you

A bit about “Nasties” – you will never find any artificial, synthetic, preservative or additive ladened ingredients in our products.

Our products contain all natural, plant-based oils for ultimate skin nourishment. Each carefully selected to add direct benefit to your skin, nothing more is added.

At Goodness we always try to source British ingredients where possible, keeping down the airmiles on our ingredients is another way to protect the natural environment.

We feel passionately about using glass bottles where we can to preserve the qualities of the natural ingredients and to be kinder to the environment, so please give our bottles another life and re-use them where possible.

Our products are designed for skin of all ages so the sooner you start to nourish your skin naturally the quicker you will see glowing results.

feed, nourish, protect and love your skin – it’s the outside of your inside