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Red Vinigrette

Yields1 Serving

 1 unwaxed lemon, juice and diced zest
 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
 3 anchovies, oil shaken off and diced
 5 tbsp olive oil or MCT oil
 1 tsp red harissa paste
 pile chopped coriander, parsley or winter savoury
 sun blushed tomatoes, diced

Pop all these ingredients for the red vinigrette in a jam jar and give them a good shake.


Taste and adjust as you prefer, sometimes I like a bit more of a kick other times a more citrusy dressing is better, it depends on your choice of veg or the salad it is going in.
I make it like this when I use it in my Spring Salad (see the recipe section for this recipe too or scroll down for the link which I have added in at the bottom of this recipe).

A little bit more ....

A note about winter savoury if you have not come across this herb before. I fell in serious like with this when I found I had accidentally planted it in my herb bed (I thought it was a floppy rosemary plant when I came home with it from the garden centre !). After a bit of googling I found out that it is great to eat and adds a pepperiness to any dish so it goes really well when you want to add a bit of extra spice to use with cold meats etc. I have added a photo of it to the photo gallery at the bottom so scroll down to check it out.


This red vinegrette is so useful and can be used on loads of different salads. You can change the paste for which ever spicy paste you have in the fridge, harissa, pesto or chermoula.


If you are not sure where to get the Harissa from, scroll to the bottom to see the link for where I get mine from.