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Facial Cleansing Oils

Do they really work ?Hello Lovelies, Do any of you use natural oils for skincare, particularly when cleansing your face ? Somehow the idea of using oil to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin sounds a bit bonkers doesn't it but actually it really does work. Using...

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natural skin care – how to make the change ?

"NATURAL SKIN CARE" HOW CAN IT WORK FOR YOUThank you to all of you gorgeous ones who came to Tarkas Pop Up Retail Evening last week, we had a ball and it was lovely to meet so many of you and chat about your skincare. One of the questions I was most frequently asked...

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Show your lymphatic system some love with a gua sha and other natural beauty tips

Gua Sha 💕 Gua What ?? and natural beauty tips to try..   Hello Lovelies, how is everyone feeling after the Easter break ? Its a full on time isn't it, and us busy gals can find ourselves feeling washed out and struggling to juggle it all. Infact "down right knackered"...

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Eat your way to glowing skin

Fancy younger looking skin ? well read on... In this natural beauty recipes blog I'm going to get stuck in to why eating Collagen is so great for our skin and I have put two of my favourite recipes at the end for you lovelies to try too 👇🏼... vanilla, coconut &...

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your life is an autobiography

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My philosophy is to inspire you to live an abundant life, no matter what your health obstacles. I would love our wellness journal to create a community of encouragement and support as well as inspiration to guide you towards better health. 

As you will see, I have no professional skill for writing, I type as I speak, so I hope you find my nuggets of nourishment are useful so I may keep all of you gorgeous lovelies company on your own health and wellness journeys 💕.